Monroe and Main is sharing an infographic series on How to Dress Your Body Type.

Step #1: Take Your Measurements
Step #2: Identify Your Shape (check it out below!)
Step #3: Shapewear
Step #4: Dress for your Shape with Colors & Prints

Here is Step #2: Identify Your Shape

Knowing your body’s shape is the perfect foundation for dressing well and choosing clothes that flatter. That’s because once you know your body type, it’s easy to understand which areas to highlight and which you might want to play down a bit. To that end, take a look at our infographic, which shows you everything you need to know to find your body’s shape using your measurements:

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Infographic: Identify your body shape

First: Take your measurements

The first step in determining your body shape is to take accurate measurements. We have clear and simple instructions for taking your own measurements here, so gather a measuring tape, a pen and paper, and get started! You’ll need to know three measurements: your bust, waist and hips. It’s a good idea to take your measurements every few months anyway – our bodies are always changing, and having up-to-date numbers will enable you to buy great-fitting clothes always. Now, take a look at the numbers you’ve written down and read on to find your body shape:


Hourglass body shapes are defined by a waist that’s smaller than both the bust and hips. You have an hourglass body shape if your bust and hips are visually wider and similar in measurements, and if your waist measurement is smaller than the other two.


For rectangle body shapes, the waist isn’t as naturally defined. In fact, you likely have a rectangle body shape if all three of your measurements are somewhat similar. Garments like belted or A-line dresses that define a waist will give your body great shape.


If your hip measurement is considerably larger than your waist and bust measurements, and your shoulders appear more narrow than your hips, your body type is considered a triangle. Highlight your narrow upper body with colorful or printed blouses that draw the eye upward and downplay wider hips with straight-cut or wide-leg pants.

Inverted triangle

Women with inverted triangle body shapes will have larger bust measurements than their waist and hip numbers, and visually their bodies will appear more narrow at the hips than the shoulders. If you have this body shape, embrace styles that accentuate your waist, but don’t be afraid to opt for more fitted styles, like sheath dresses.


For oval body shapes, the waist measurement is larger than the bust and hip numbers. This is a very common body shape – if you have it, add some definition to your body by wearing structured and belted tops or jackets and dresses that help you emphasize a natural waist. Tops that highlight the thin area just below your bust will add instant definition.

Reminder-here are the 4-steps in our How to Dress Your Body Type Infographic series:

Step #1: Take Your Measurements 
Step #2: Identify Your Shape (you just viewed this one! 🙂 
Step #3: Shapewear
Step #4: Dress for your Shape with Colors & Prints

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