Monroe and Main is sharing an infographic series on How to Dress Your Body Type.

Step #1: Take Your Measurements (check it out below!)
Step #2: Identify Your Shape
Step #3: Shapewear
Step #4: Dress for your Shape with Colors & Prints

Here is Step #1: Take Your Measurements

Many women prefer to shop for clothes online because it’s simple, quick and can be done from the comfort of their own homes. It can also be easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when shopping online, rather than perusing numerous racks of clothing in each store. However, online shopping requires knowing your measurements beforehand. If you aren’t sure how to measure yourself, take a look at the infographic above for everything you need to know to get started. Here’s a guide for taking your measurements:

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Why measurements matter

Finding clothes with the right fit is one of the easiest ways to shave off the appearance of extra weight. Clothing that’s too tight can squeeze the body, sometimes adding lumps and bumps and highlighting areas you’d rather downplay. Clothes that are too loose, on the other hand, can add the appearance of volume, making you look bigger than you actually are. Taking proper measurements will allow you to buy flattering clothes that fit correctly.

How often to take measurements

Everyone’s weight and body shape fluctuates, which means your measurements may change over time. For best practice, take your measurements every three months so you can adjust what sizes of clothing you need to buy if necessary.

Getting prepared

To take measurements of your body, you’ll need a cloth measuring tape, a pen and paper. Remember to stand in a relaxed position, keep your feet shoulder-width apart and wear only undergarments to get the most accurate results. Don’t pull the measuring tape too tightly, hold your breath or tense up, since any of these can affect the accuracy of the measurements. Also, when measuring the bust and hips, the tape should be parallel with the ground to get the correct number.

Taking basic measurements

The four main measurements you should take before shopping online are around your bust, hips and waist and along your inseam. Here’s how to take each measurement:

  • Bust: For many curvy girls, finding clothes that fit correctly around their bosom is often difficult and frustrating, which is why it’s such an important measurement to take. Stand up straight, relax your shoulders, and wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust, keeping your arms at your sides. Round to the nearest half-inch and write down the number.
  • Hips: Keeping your feet shoulder-width apart, measure around the widest point of your hips.
  • Waist: To take this measurement, avoid holding your breath or “sucking it in,” and instead stand in a relaxed posture. While many women can find their natural waist by locating the narrowest part of their body, that’s not possible for every body type. To find yours, bend to one side and locate the area that creases. Wrap the measuring tape around that part of your torso, then bring both ends down in front of you, ending at your belly button. Take a look at the infographic if you need help understanding how to take this measurement.
  • Inseam: The inseam is an important measurement for finding pants that fit correctly. Run the measuring tape from the underside of your crotch to the bottom of your ankle, then round up to the nearest half-inch. Keep in mind that you may need pants with a longer inseam if you plan on wearing heels with them. If you already have a pair of pants that fits well, the easiest way to take this measurement by yourself is to lay them flat and measure the length from the crotch to the hem.

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How to Take Your Measurements Video

Reminder-here are the 4-steps in our How to Dress Your Body Type Infographic series:

Step #1: Take Your Measurements  (you just viewed this one! 🙂 
Step #2: Identify Your Shape
Step #3: Shapewear
Step #4: Dress for your Shape with Colors & Prints

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