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Shape Solution: Hide hips and add height

TIPS ON HIDING HIPS & ADDING HEIGHT: Shape Solution: Hide hips and add height

Meet Tammie, Development Analyst

“Although I have a balanced hourglass shape, my height can  make me look out of proportion”

Work Wear: 

  • Balance your body by bringing focus up to your torso by adding color or texture on top.
  • Don’t wear tops that are too long and cover your tush, they only shorten your legs.
  • If you carry your weight in your hips do not wear boot cut, wide leg or trouser fit pants will deemphasize the hip.
  • We love pinstripes to visually lengthen your body. It forces the eye to look vertically, creating height.

Weekend Wear: 

  • Play with different necklines, collars and embellishments to add visual interest around the face.
  • The length of your tops and jackets should hit the top or middle of the hip to make it look smaller overall.
  • Jackets should be well-seamed and nip at the waist or sit just on top of the hip for a proportionate look.
  • A strapless dress is a great option for keeping the focus on the upper half of the body.
  • An empire seam falls above the natural waist, creating the appearance of a short torso and longer legs.

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