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Shape Solution for the Busty


Meet Aretha, Property Manager & part-time Model

“I like styles that help me shape my waist while taking the focus off my sometimes overwhelming bust-line. “

Work Wear: 

  • Multi-button jackets aren’t the only ones that work for busty women; however, they provide great support and help balance your figure.
  • Jackets with placket pockets above the hip create volume without adding bulk and draw the attention away from the bust.
  • Buy your jacket larger and have it tailored if needed, you should always be able to button your jacket comfortably.
  • Always look for a flattering neckline to lengthen the neck and lead up to the face.  V-necks and sweetheart necks are eternally flattering because they show just a hint of cleavage without looking vulgar.
  •  Look for skirts with distracting visual interest.  Here, the detailing draws your eye downward and away from the chest.
  • If you don’t like matching suits, try a darker color on your top half and a lighter color on the bottom to pull a bit more emphasis away from the bust-line.

Weekend Wear:

  • Look for dresses that have an empire seam and support the bust-line.  This will create length and raise the eye line above the natural waist and towards the face.
  • A-line skirts and dresses create a streamlined look.  It’s about tricking the eye by adding volume without adding actual bulk.
  • Make sure you don’t lose your midsection.  Look for dresses that nip in at the waistline to create a more hourglass effect.
  • Accessories like scarves and necklaces also help bring the attention to your face and away from your bust-line.
  • If you are not comfortable in skirts or dresses, a trouser or wide leg pant is great for larger chested women because it balances out the top half by adding a little bit of volume without the bulk.
  • Don’t accentuate the narrowness of your lower half by wearing very narrow trousers or skirts— you just create more disproportion between your top and bottom, making your bust-line look bigger.
  •  When wearing prints on top, make sure you avoid large prints.  Instead, choose smaller, subtle designs that won’t draw too much attention.


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