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7 questions to ask before purchasing clothes

Almost every woman has purchased an item of clothing on impulse and then gone on to wear it just once or not at all. There are many reasons that a pretty blouse or dress may seem like a good purchase but end up being shoved into the back of your closet.

When it comes to shopping for plus-size clothing, there are several important factors to consider to ensure you find the perfect fit and style. Plus-size fashion should not only be trendy and comfortable but also flattering and well-suited to individual body shapes. To help guide your next shopping spree, here are seven important questions to ask yourself before buying plus-size clothes:

1. Does It Embrace My Body Shape?

The first question to ask is whether the clothing item embraces and flatters your body shape. Plus-size fashion is not about hiding curves but celebrating them. Look for pieces that accentuate your best features—whether it’s a wrap dress that defines your waist or a structured blazer that enhances your silhouette. Consider styles that create a balanced look, such as A-line dresses that highlight the waist and flow gracefully over hips or high-waisted jeans that elongate the legs.

plus size model wearing a knit blue sweater dress with black boots

The goal is to find garments that make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, emphasizing the beauty of your body shape rather than concealing it. Experiment with different cuts and styles until you discover what works best for you, embracing your unique curves and proportions with pride.

2. Is the Fabric Comfortable and Breathable?

Comfort is key when it comes to clothing, especially for plus-size women. Check the fabric content to ensure it’s breathable and feels good against your skin. Fabrics like cotton blends, jersey knits, and modals are excellent choices as they provide stretch and comfort. Avoid fabrics that are stiff or restrictive, as they can be uncomfortable to wear throughout the day.

Summer arm and head coverings

Additionally, consider the climate you live in and opt for fabrics that are suitable for the weather conditions. Breathable materials keep you cool and comfortable and contribute to the overall feel and fit of the garment. Prioritize clothing that allows for ease of movement and promotes a sense of well-being, enhancing your confidence and enjoyment of wearing the outfit.

3. Does It Offer Proper Support?

Supportive undergarments are essential for plus-size women, particularly when it comes to certain clothing items like dresses or blouses. Consider whether the outfit requires specific bras or shapewear to ensure a smooth and flattering look. Investing in well-fitting undergarments can significantly enhance the overall appearance and comfort of your outfit. Choose bras with adequate support and coverage that complement the neckline and style of the clothing.

plus size shapewear

Similarly, seamless shapewear can help create a streamlined silhouette, providing confidence and support throughout the day. Prioritize garments that work well with your existing undergarments or explore options to enhance the fit and feel of your outfit for a polished and flattering look.

4. Is the Fit True to Size?

Sizing can vary widely between brands, so always check the sizing chart and customer reviews. Look for brands that offer inclusive sizing and detailed measurements. It’s crucial to choose clothing that fits well and allows you to move comfortably. Don’t hesitate to take your measurements and compare them with the brand’s size guide to ensure an accurate fit.

plus size model wearing a burgundy velvet dress with empire waist.

Be sure to read customer reviews for insights into how the clothing fits on different body types. Some brands may run large or small, so it’s important to gather as much information as possible before making a purchase. Remember, a well-fitting garment looks better, feels more comfortable, and boosts your confidence.

5. Will It Suit My Lifestyle?

Evaluate whether the clothing item aligns with your lifestyle. For example, does it work for office wear, casual outings, or special occasions? Versatile pieces that can be styled differently for various occasions offer the best value.

Ask yourself how and where you intend to wear the garment. Opt for sophisticated pieces like tailored blazers or structured dresses that exude professionalism for office wear. For casual outings, prioritize comfortable yet stylish options such as flowy tops paired with jeans or leggings. If you’re looking for something for special occasions, explore elegant dresses or statement pieces that make you feel confident and glamorous.

Two plus size models laughing.

Also, consider the maintenance required for the clothing item, such as whether it needs frequent dry-cleaning or special care. Opt for pieces that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and maintenance routine, allowing you to enjoy them without added stress or inconvenience.

By choosing clothing that suits your lifestyle, you’ll maximize wearability (maybe even several times per week!) and ensure that each piece serves a purpose in your wardrobe, making creating diverse and stylish outfits for any occasion easier.

6. What Are the Return Policies?

In a store, you should try clothes on before you buy. Before making an online purchase, familiarize yourself with the website’s return and exchange policies, as you may need to try different sizes or styles before finding the perfect fit. Look for retailers that offer hassle-free returns and exchanges, including free shipping on returns or the option to return items to a physical store if available.

Understanding the return policies can provide peace of mind, especially when shopping for plus-size clothing online, where the fit can vary. Take note of any time restrictions or conditions for returns, and keep the original packaging and tags until you’re certain the item is right for you. A generous return policy ensures that you can confidently explore different styles and sizes without the risk of being stuck with clothing that doesn’t meet your expectations.

7. Does It Reflect My Personal Style?

Lastly, ensure the clothing item reflects your personal style and makes you feel confident. Plus-size fashion is diverse, ranging from classic and sophisticated to trendy and bold. Choose pieces that resonate with your personality and make you look and feel your best. Consider the colors, patterns, and overall aesthetic that align with your preferences. Whether you prefer timeless basics, vibrant prints, or edgy statement pieces, prioritize clothing that speaks to your individuality.

Plus size black woman in bright patterned dress

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and trends to discover what makes you feel most empowered and stylish. When you feel a connection with your clothing, it becomes more than just fabric—it becomes an expression of your unique identity and confidence.

By asking these seven questions before purchasing clothes for plus-size women, you can make informed decisions and build a wardrobe that fits well and showcases your unique style. Remember, the right clothing can empower and uplift, so prioritize comfort, fit, and individuality when curating your wardrobe. Happy shopping!

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It was helpful when you said to check what materials they’re made of. My cousin told me on the phone last night about how she wants to start searching for more clothes to get for her winter wardrobe. I’ll pass these tips along to her if she starts searching online for clothes!

Thanks for mentioning how it is smart to look for clothing that will pair well with things you already own. My sister is hoping to purchase new clothes that she can wear this summer. I will have her consider her current wardrobe so she can find clothing that will go well with the outfits she has.


Easy to wash and comfort…always my main concerns

These are very great tip, especially for someone like myself, cause I tend to be an impulsively buy clothes &things that I never get to use. Thanks for the great Tips!

Thanks for the comment Arian! 🙂

I have a hard time with fit. For the first time in my life, I have a thick waist and it makes it hard to be comfortable in clothing.

All good questions to consider a new outfit. I normally go in looking for a particular thing.

I always wonder if the fit will be right. I tend to look at the return policy just in case, before buying online.

Would I still want it if it wasn’t on sale? That is a good question, sometimes the price is such a bargain.

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