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Anatomy of an organized closet [Infographic]

Anatomy of an Organized Closet Infographic

Organized Closet with Shelves and Drawers
Clean it out

One of the most exciting parts of the seasons changing is the opportunity to update your wardrobe. However, many women struggle with having ample space to put their new staples since their closet is so full of stuff! Here are a few tips to keep your closet organized so you’ll have plenty of space for the next time you go shopping:

While nobody has time to clean their closet out too frequently, it’s easy to make the time to clean it out seasonally. Consider turning all of your clothes around so the hanger faces the opposite way. Whenever you wear a piece of clothing, hang it back up correctly. This method will allow you to see what items you wear and which ones you don’t. When the season ends, donate all of the things you didn’t wear!

Determine a system

Some people prefer to organize their closet by color, while others like to keep all of the T-shirts in one spot and the work blouses in another. Figure out what system works best for you and organize your closet around it. This will make it easy for you to find specific items when you’re in a rush.

Get creative

Different odds and ends around your house can make it easy to organize your closet. For instance, cut an old pool noodle in half and use it to make your boots stand straight up so you don’t crease the leather. You can also use shelf dividers to help keep your folded garments in neat stacks.

Separate your laundry

If you’re lucky enough to have a large enough closet for your laundry hamper, consider getting two more. Instead of throwing all of your dirty clothes into one hamper that you have to dig through on laundry day, separate your dirty clothes into three separate baskets as you wear them. One for towels, socks and underwear, one for pants and shirts, and one for delicates and whites.

Don’t forget hooks

It can be difficult to determine where you should store items like handbags, scarves or belts. The solution to that problem is hooks! Fix hooks to the walls or inside of the closet door for these accessories. Just make sure the hooks are secured enough to hold the weight!

Use proper hangers

Toss those old wire hangers you got from the dry cleaners and the plastic ones you got free from stores. Invest in a set of flat, velvet hangers that lay flush together while keeping the shoulders of your favorite shirts in shape. Not only does this do wonders for your clothes, but it looks so much nicer.

Separate out-of-season items

You’re already cleaning your closet out seasonally, so while you’re at it, consider storing those out-of-season garments in a separate location. When fall rolls around, put your tank tops and sun dresses in a tote under your bed or the storage room in your basement to make room for all of your sweaters and jackets.

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Great article! I especially liked the new idea for me – put the hangers in backwards and when you wear something, hang it up correctly so you can see those items you actually wear. ..then you can see which items you may need to part with!

Monroe and Main

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting!



Love the tips given. I have actually been following most of them. Love the tip regarding the separate laundry baskets to cut down on laundry time but baskets could take up a lot or room.

Monroe and Main

Hi Florence,
We are so happy you enjoyed the post. We love the idea of saving time on laundry with the different baskets, but we do understand that they can take up a lot of space, and not all of the tips will work for everyone. We do hope that even if that idea doesn’t work for you, you would find some of the other tips helpful and possibly inspirational, as organization for small spaces can definitely require some creativity. Thanks for commenting!

Donna Harry

Why don’t you carry petite sizes? It is hard to find nice clothing in petites. LOVE YOUR CATALOG!

Monroe and Main

Hi Donna,

This is great feedback and we will be sure to pass it along to our merchandising team. Thank you so much for commenting!


Please consider carrying more of a selection of TALL dress pants for misses. Nice Dress Pants in a TALL Length are difficult to find, this is very disappointing for women such as myself who wear a 33, 34 length. If you’re so lucky to seldomly stumble upon a pair, they’re usually not of quality and hardly worth purchasing. I’ve been a customer of MONROE AND MAIN for some years and enjoy shopping from your catalog. THANKS…

Monroe and Main

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for your feedback – We’re so glad to have you as a customer! We’ll pass along your suggestion to our merchandising team for future items!

Lana Daves

I agree with Donna Harry, it would be awesome if you carried petite sizes.

Monroe and Main

Hi Lana,
Thank you for commenting – This is a request we’ve gotten quite a bit. We’ll pass along your feedback to our merchandisers for the future!


I would love to see wide and extra wide shoes. Shoul have started the post with you usually have some very nice shoes.

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the feedback, Jerri! We’ll pass it on to our merchandising team for the future.

Willa S Taylor

I agree with Brenda. It is hard to find quality Tall dress pants, casual pants, jeans.

Monroe & Main

Hello, Thanks for the comment! We’ll keep working on bringing you more helpful information.

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Published on Jun 02 2016

Last Updated on Dec 19 2019

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