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Be confident in everything you wear this summer!

Woman in denim jacket over aqua top, multi-colored paisley print skirt and wedges

Many women beat the summer heat in things like short shorts, mini skirts, crop tops and, if you’re beside the pool or beach, swimsuits. But with the influx of all of these smaller garments, it can make some ladies a little body-conscious. If you feel anxious about showing off a lot of skin over the summer, you’re not alone. Tons of women, whether they’re plus-size or not, simply feel better when they’re slightly more covered up. However, that doesn’t mean your summer wear has to be frumpy or baggy! Take a look at these general tips for dressing this summer – and looking and feeling great each day:

Choose lighter fabrics

One of the keys to staying cool and stylish over the summer is focusing on the fabrics of the garments you wear. Heavier materials like wool and leather retain heat, making them a little less comfortable to wear during warmer parts of the year. Opt for light fabrics like cotton and jersey that will allow your body to breathe a bit. Remember that when fabrics are lighter, the structure of the garment itself becomes more important. Choose cuts that you know look good on your body shape (A-line, sheath, etc.) and pair flowy garments with more fitted ones to create flattering proportions.

lighter fabric dress for summer

Go sheer

A great way to stay relatively covered while still beating the heat is by looking for sheer tops and blouses that can be worn over tank tops and camisoles. For instance, look for tops you can wear over a camisole and shorts or capris (or even as a swimsuit cover-up!) or a loose-knit sweater that’s both cute and flattering.

loose-knit sweater

Don’t forget prints

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of prints and patterns, especially because they’re so trendy this year. Bold prints can help you disguise certain areas while adding some extra excitement and panache to your outfit. A printed skirt or pair of pants, for instance, may soften the appearance of larger hips and thighs while still looking stylish and summery.

date night outfit

Develop strategies for downplaying your ‘problem’ areas

If you’re particularly self-conscious about a particular area of your body, take some time to develop different strategies you can use to downplay it. Having several ideas in mind will help you keep your outfits varied, so you’ll feel good about yourself every day. To play down a tummy, for instance, define a waist by adding a belt to looser garments, and look for mid- to high-rise pants, skirts and dresses that will conceal your midsection. Wide-leg pants, high-waisted skirts or A-line summer dresses are perfect for those who want to camouflage hips or legs. Remember that adding heels to an outfit can help anyone appear taller and slimmer, and statement necklaces or accessories draw the eye up for an overall slimmer silhouette.

Have confidence

The most important tip for handling body-consciousness this summer? Have confidence! Don’t be afraid to let some skin show and take some risks. As long as you feel comfortable and stylish, you’ll look that way to everyone else.


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love the white dress, where can I purchase it?

Monroe and Main

Here a link to our Gored Eyelet Dress Barbara! Thanks for the comment.

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Published on Jun 21 2015

Last Updated on Jun 19 2015

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