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A closet cleaning how-to

A closet cleaning how-to

Somewhere in every woman’s closet is a pile of clothing that they haven’t worn or even looked at in years. Just like junk emails that flood our inboxes daily, those clothing items are ignored to the point where we barely interact with them at all. Why not get rid of those items to simplify your life? Here are some tips on how to choose what to toss and what to keep.

“A closet isn’t a museum or an archive. It should be a simple storehouse of clothes that reflect who I am today and that I can wear to work tomorrow.” Jennifer Braunschweiger, the deputy editor of More, wrote in the magazine.

Rules for Organizing Clothes 

  • Create “yes,” “no” and “maybe” piles so that once you’ve made a decision you can easily tell which is which.
  • Any clothing that is too old or not in good condition can go straight into a trash bag to be taken to the curb.
  • Take note of any clothing repeats. Items that you have multiples of are either well-loved or forgotten about. Chances are, out of those five button-ups at least one hasn’t seen the light of day in a while. Throw it in the “no” pile.
  • Anything that hasn’t been worn in over two years should be donated unless it has sentimental value. Yes, styles do come back around, but do you really still need all those off-the-shoulder numbers from the 80s?
  • If you have a lot of items that you’d like to hang on to but have no use for, consider making a dress-up bin for your kids or grandkids. Old bridesmaid dresses and other one-time-only items make great play clothes for kids.

Be honest with yourself. If you don’t wear something but have been planning to for ages, there is a good chance you really won’t wear it. Make room for new things instead of clinging to the old!

After the Clothing Purge 

  • Update your storage options. Throw out old shoe boxes and wire hangers and invest in a shoe rack and enough plastic or wood hangers to take care of your entire wardrobe. It’s easier to find items when they are all hanging on the same style hanger, and plastic and wood hangers are easier on your clothing than wire hangers.
  • Reorganize the clothing you’ve kept. Group items by color or type. Hang pants with other pants and blazers with other blazers. Your morning routine just got so much easier!

Where should the perfectly usable clothes go to? Send brand name items to the nearest resale shop and the money from those items may just buy you a little something special for all your hard work. Clothing that is not brand name, or that the resale shop doesn’t want, are great candidates to be donated to the local thrift store. People will appreciate the items that you no longer do. If your friends are interested, try a clothing swap. Have everyone go through their closets and get together to trade clothes and accessories. Everyone leaves with the same amount of items they came with and everyone wins!

While going through your closet make a list of things that you need to replace. This way you’ll know just what you need the next time you go shopping.

Tips for how to clean out your closet
Tips for how to clean out your closet

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Some good tips with how to clean how a close. One thing missing is someone to do it for me.

Monroe and Main

Great idea Gloria! 🙂

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Published on Nov 06 2014

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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