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5 post-holiday closet makeover tips

Woman in holding a pile of clothes looking over-whelmed

“Closet cleaning” can be women’s two least favorite words. It can be frustrating, time-consuming and downright difficult (we see you holding onto those pants from 2002). However, those times are in the past. We’ve come up with the best tips to guide you through this project with ease. Need more closet space? Voila! Discover efficient, beautiful space in your own closet with these smart tips.

time for a post-holiday closet reorganization

1. Crank the tunes

Before you dive into the madness, it’s time to choose your background sound. The television or an audio book might be too distracting, so that leaves you with music! Choose one of your favorite CDs to listen to while you organize. That way, it’ll keep you moving and your spirits up through the whole process.

If you don’t know what to choose, consider a Spotify playlist. In the “browse” section you’ll find hundreds of playlists to pick from. Some are based on mood, titled “Feelin’ Good,” “Who Run the World? Girls,” or “Re-Energize.” On the other hand, you can choose something more specific like “Party Jams of 2015” or “Throwback Jams” Or, if you’re feeling a little creative, make your own playlist, and put it on shuffle. Knowing you’re going to hear some of your favorite tunes will get you pumped to start the cleaning process.

2. Toss outdated styles

It’s hard to part ways with articles of clothing that once brought you so much joy. However, sometimes you need to get rid of old clothes to make room for new styles. Now is the time to toss out those outdated pastel dresses with buttons. Instead, hang up any fresh new styles you just received over the holidays or from end-of-season sale steals, and get ready for upcoming spring fashions too.  You never know when the warm weather will pop up, and this way your closet will be as ready as you are.

3. Look for holes, nicks and rips

A well-made piece of clothing should last you a long time. And some of us can love our clothes a little too much. You may have shirts, pants, shoes, etc., that have something visibly wrong with them, but you’ve chosen to look the other way. Now is the time to pitch them. Then you’ll be all set by the time spring catalogs come. You are sure to find something similar or better.

The same goes for handbags. Women love to hold onto their bags (literally and figuratively). However, these can take up too much space in your closet or room. Look through all your purses and handbags. If you’ve haven’t worn it in more than two years, donate it.

Note: Remember that brightly patterned clutch you swore would work with everything but has been gathering dust? Don’t need it. Buy a more practical woman’s handbag that you won’t have to pitch in the donation pile down the road.

Here are some closet cleaning tips.

4. Integrate your new clothes

Now is the fun part! After you’ve made room in your closet, then you get to throw your new items into the mix. But don’t just hang them up in the back. Showcase them nicely and neatly. That way, you won’t get lost when trying to find a certain blouse or sweater.

While you’re adding all the new items, now is the time to start mentally putting together outfits. That way you’ll be throwing on your new clothes in no time, not just hiding them away for a special occasion.

Hint: Don’t be afraid to make some returns. If your Aunt Sue got you a sweater that isn’t your taste, swap it for something that you do like. Most online places offer store credit, so you won’t lose out on the purchase. As for your Aunt, she’ll be happy in the end you get something you love.

5. It’s organization time

When it comes to a polished closest, one of the most important aspects is organization. However, every woman has her own preference. For example, some prefer color coordination, season organization or simply putting clothes that get the most use in front. Here’s how to discover what technique might be right for you:

  • If you like pairing different styles and colors in your outfits, then try color coordination. If you organize your clothes by color you will be able to more easily grab various shades to craft the perfect outfit. Instead of digging, all the hues will be right in front of your face, so putting together a full getup will be a breeze.
  • If dressing based on trends is more your speed. then seasonal organization might be a good tactic. By organizing your clothes by season you won’t be shoving through summer dresses and clothes to get to winter sweaters. That way, you’ll be saving yourself the time and the headache.
  • If you like wearing pre-conceived outfits then be sure to showcase your favorite items. Some women spend hours picking out an outfit in the morning while others prefer a more prepared method. If you are the latter, hang up your daily outfits in the front of your closet so every morning stays on schedule.

Be sure to check out our closet-cleaning guide from 2015 for more tips and tricks!

get rid of old clothes to make room for new styles

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Published on Dec 30 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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