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How do you want to present yourself this fall?

Woman in peach pleat ruffle cardigan over black shirt and pants

Fall is finally arriving and with it crisp air and cooler temperatures. And we all know what that means: It’s time to think about adjusting our wardrobe, as well. While you shouldn’t put away your summer clothing quite yet – after all, there are tons of ways to layer clothes for fall so you can keep wearing your warm-weather dresses and skirts – you’ll need to make a few seasonal updates. One of the best parts about changing seasons is that it gives women the chance to think about the clothing they own and decide if they want to present themselves a bit differently than they did in the past. How do you want to present yourself this fall? Read on for how your clothes can help you with how you express yourself this season.

How clothes can affect perceptions

The clothing you wear does a whole lot more than just flatter your body or make you feel great (although those are two amazing bonuses!). It also affects how others perceive you and even how you perceive yourself. Say you’re wearing slim-cut jeans and a T-shirt – pretty basic, right? Now top it off with a cool women’s leather jacket with textured material and interesting details. Simply adding a jacket will make you look and feel like a whole new person. Now swap the leather jacket for a glamorous and feminine knit jacket. Your whole look has completely changed again by switching out just one garment. So, this fall, are you more interested in opting for a cool and funky style or something feminine and classic? The clothes you wear can help you present whatever style you choose.

woman wearing a white blazer

Consider your personality and lifestyle

The way you choose to present yourself will have a lot to do with your own style, personality and a number of other factors. Think about your job and what you’re supposed to wear at the office. Then consider your home life and how you typically dress on evenings and weekends. Update your wardrobe in a way that reflects how you want to be perceived but also complements your lifestyle and personality – you want to stay true to yourself and your style.

woman wearing a White Suit

Choose styles that reflect your vision

Fall brings to mind a few wardrobe staples in particular, including jackets, boots and sweaters. Consider how updating just these basic pieces can help you present yourself in a different way. Going for a more edgy vibe? Opt for dark and bold colors, interesting materials, like leather and suede, exciting patterns and funky embellishments. Interested in looking a bit more timeless or feminine? Choose garments in brighter colors, soft fabrics and knits, and feminine embellishments, like ruffles and lace. If you’re trying to present yourself in a completely different style from either of these, use those same thought processes to choose clothing that helps you meet your goal.

woman wearing a ruffled cardigan

Sprinkle in some trends

There are tons of trends each new season, but not all of them are for everyone. While wearing on-trend clothing can be a fun way to look fashion-forward, you should choose the trends that work best to help you express the personal style you’re going for. For example, over-the-knee boots are trending this season, and they’re perfect for an edgier look. Blanket sweaters are another fashionable style, perfect for a classic and sophisticated ensemble with a dash of whimsy.

woman wearing a blanket sweater

Finish the look

No look is complete without adding a few accessories and finishing with some styling. Pair an edgier outfit with a couple of interesting rings and some red lipstick. A feminine ensemble will look amazing with a pretty bib necklace. Just remember: Have fun with your style and let your clothes help you present yourself the way you want to be seen.

woman wearing a bib necklace

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Published on Sep 23 2015

Last Updated on Sep 22 2015

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