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Secret Strategy #82: Layer With Long Skirts

Maxi skirt in black and white pattern

The wonderful thing about long skirts for women is that they lend themselves well to layering, which is perfect for the fall and winter season.

To stay warm for the coming cold months, make sure your closet is full of items you can easily layer with your maxi skirt.

A plain T-shirt is a simple top to pair with your skirt. For a warmer addition, wear a cardigan, blazer or faux fur vest over the tee for a stylish yet comfortable appearance.

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below. 

 Maxi Skirt Perks

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Ok here’s my problem. I want to wear a ivory lace maxi skirt to a outdoor wedding. But I’m only 5 foot Tall and I have a tummy. Want kind of top to wear with it? Not a tunic but something over their waist though, right? Nothing tight but something lose???? Same color as the skirt or lighter or darker on top? Help?

Ketarah DeVries

Hi Kimberly,

Your ivory lace maxi skirt is a great piece to have and can be very versatile. For the top we suggest trying to keep it simple and comfortable. The color of the top should depend more on the wedding and when it is or how formal it is, and most importantly what you like. If it is more towards the fall, darker, richer colors might work nicely. If it is not, lighter colors might coordinate better with the wedding setting. If the style of the top is more of a tunic, try tucking it in and seeing if you are comfortable wearing it that way. Another option might be wearing a simple V-neck or a tank top under a denim jacket, depending on how formal the wedding is. Hope this helps!

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Published on Dec 09 2015

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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