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How to make a mini sewing kit for emergency wardrobe malfunctions

Create a mini sewing kit to easily fix wardrobe malfunctions

We’ve all had wardrobe malfunctions involving missing buttons, zippers that don’t work, tears in odd places, and more and wished we had a quick and easy remedy. We’ve got the perfect idea. Use items that can be found around your house to create this tiny emergency sewing kit.

Must haves

  • Needles (For fixing those little tears.)
  • Brown, black, cream, white and navy thread (See above.)
  • Mini scissors or nail clippers (For snipping threads that are unraveling or coming undone. Or cutting out stubborn tags.)
  • Assorted sizes of safety pins (Even faster than hand-sewing a rip, safety pin it!)
  • Buttons (Black, navy and white are the most-used buttons and would easily replace ones that popped off most outfits.)

Add if you have room

  • Seam ripper (Even easier than a scissors for cutting off stubborn loose threads.)
  • Snaps (Just in case. You can hand sew these on if ones you’re using go missing.)
  • Thimble (For sewing on buttons. This can really save your fingers, especially when sewing through thick fabrics.)
  • A mini stapler and staples (You never know!)

Container options

  • A mint tin (From the super tiny ones to the kind that could fit your cell phone, these are easy to come by and inexpensive.)
  • A jewelry gift box (For just the essentials.)
  • Small change purse (Careful with the needles if you use this option! Poke the needles through the part of a matchbook that normally holds the matches and you’re covered.)
  • Eye glasses case (This is great if you want to be super prepared and have lots of room for emergency sewing materials.)

Not only is having a sewing kit on hand a great idea, they also make wonderful gifts! Spiff up that Altoids tin or cardboard jewelry gift box with washi tape and buttons and label it “Emergency Kit.” They’re great for college kids of any gender, just be sure they know a little about how to sew!

Create a mini sewing kit to easily fix wardrobe malfunctions
Create a mini sewing kit to easily fix wardrobe malfunctions

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nancy thomas

Another good tool is double sides or even single sided tape to repair skirt hems. Holds until you can find a needle and thread.

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Published on Nov 09 2014

Last Updated on Dec 19 2014

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