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Makeup shades for the winter months

Woman in gold necklace, pink knit ruffled sweater over black top

Fashion trends aren’t only about clothes. When the colder seasons roll around, it’s inevitable that your getting-ready routine changes. You might add more layers, opt for more practical shoes or throw on a hat to cover those ears. However, one thing that you may be forgetting to adjust is your makeup routine.

Don’t forget to switch up your shades for the winter. Here are some must-have beauty products you can use to spice up your makeup routine during those chillier months:

Change up your foundation color and finish

During the summer, your skin may have been a little bit darker due to sun exposure. In addition, the consistency of your makeup could have been heavier so that it lasted all day, even when you were running around and sweating in the heat. In the winter, however, your foundation shade and finish could be altered a bit. Choose a color that best matches the color of your neck, instead of your face. This is because your face might be lighter than your neck or chest because it gets more attention from constant washing and toning.

As far as finish goes, this is all a matter of preference. Full-coverage foundations tend to have a matte look that are a little bit heavier. On the other hand, medium- to light-coverage foundations can give off the luminous and satin finish that will make your complexion glow even if the weather is dreary. Determine what your skin is like, and choose accordingly.

woman wearing holiday makeup

Add a colorful blush

During the warmer months, shimmery shades of coral look great for a blush. However, during the winter you may want to stray away from the glitter. Instead, try a rose-colored blush that gives you that natural finish. It will perk up your cheeks no matter how low the temperature drops.

Feel free to experiment with the consistency of your blush, too. Creams and stains will liven up your face even on your most tired day. They have more staying power to last you all day and are buildable depending on how dark you like your blush.

woman wearing winter makeup

Dark lips are a must

When it comes to lips during the winter, it’s all about the perfect dark pout. From an intense wine shade to an iridescent plum, the perfect dark lipstick can complete any outfit. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, spring for a deep burgundy shade that almost looks black.

Although trying new things is great, there’s something to be said about classic colors, too. You can never go wrong with a red lip; it can be the finishing touch on a look. Invest in a good matte red lipstick that won’t budge all day. Hint: Lipsticks with blue undertones can make your teeth look whiter.

During the colder months, it’s inevitable for women to rock monochromatic colors like black or gray. However, just because the weather is gloomy doesn’t mean your lipstick pallete has to be too. Don’t be afraid to put a little pep in your outfit with a bright pink or blood orange lipstick.

Fake a glow

Winter can be dull and dry and leave you yearning for that sun-kissed glow. Luckily, this is easy to fake! Bronzers with a hint of shimmer can make your skin look refreshed and healthy. Liquid bronzers can even be mixed with your foundation to add some depth to your skin tone. Just be sure to blend the two well so there aren’t any streaks in your complexion.

For those of you who feel like your skin lacks luster during the winter, a shimmery highlighter could be what you’re missing out on. Highlighters can add some dimension to the high parts of your face including your forehead, the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, your cupid’s bow and your chin. Play around with different shades of pearl, champagne and silver to see which highlight color brightens your face up the most. You’ll have people asking what tropical location you just got back from with this sneaky trick.

woman wearing neutral makeup

Bronze your smoky eye

There’s nothing like the effect of a sultry smoky eye. It can enhance the look of any getup you’re sporting, whether you’re at the office or out on the town. However, when the cold rolls around, try switching up your eye shadow shades a bit. Instead of sparkly black or gray, try to use the variations of browns and beiges in your pallete. They’ll brighten your face and add depth to your eye color.

For those early mornings when you just can’t seem to wake up, add a little white eyeliner to fake it. Black liner can look alluring and dramatic, but it can make your eyes look smaller. Instead, opt for a white or nude shade. No one will notice it’s there, but your eyes will look bigger and more alert.


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Published on Dec 10 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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