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Matching your necklace to your neckline

With a cornucopia of necklaces flooding your jewelry box (some may have taken up residence in your sock drawer at this point), it’s hard to decide which piece will look the most flattering with your blouse.

It is important you pay attention to your neckline when choosing your fashion accessories. Most of the time, women will choose a neck piece that matches their ensembles. However, not every necklace will look flattering with every type of shirt, and there are many types of shirts: V-neck, turtle neck, scoop neck, crew neck, sweetheart neck, collared neck, strapless – the styles don’t stop there!

Here’s a detailed list that will guide you in the right direction when choosing your bling:


If you’re wearing a strapless top or dress, your skin is very much exposed. A large, chunky necklace will take away from this, so go for a choker, bib (otherwise known as a collar) or short necklace. Delicate or single-strand necklaces will look great with a strapless top, as well. This will emphasize your neckline and collarbones, and keep the main focus on the dress.


When wearing a V-neck, choose a necklace that follows the same triangular shape of your blouse. While you need something to occupy all the space that V-necks leave you with, it’s best to avoid necklaces that hit the V. Go with a piece that is longer or shorter than the neckline to add further attraction.

Collared shirt

Collared shirts can be a bit tricky because your necklace can easily get lost beneath the fabric around your neck. A short, delicate and narrow necklace looks best with this type of top. However, if you’re feeling daring, go for a bold statement necklace. Pieces with funky beads or sassy studs should be worn under the collar, only showing off a tiny bit of the necklace. Collared shirts already draw enough attention to your neckline, so adding a bulky piece to the mix can be a bit much, which is why it’s best to hide majority of the necklace.

Scoop neck

Your scoop neck tops are probably the easiest in terms of choosing a necklace that is well-suited for this type of shirt. Pieces that have layers and volume look best with a scoop neck. A top in this style reveals a good portion of your neck, so it is important to fill some of that space with a necklace. Just be sure it doesn’t plummet directly below the scoop.

Sweetheart neck

A sweetheart neckline also needs a piece to fill the emptiness around your neck, so an oversized necklace or pendant will look great with this type of top. If you’re attending a fancy dinner or gala and are aiming for a more subtle look, slip on a short, delicate necklace that hits your collar bones. Showing off a little skin is never a bad thing!


You may feel the addition of a necklace can be a bit too much with a turtleneck top due to all the extra fabric. It’s definitely not too much! You can treat this style just like the other shirts. Top your turtleneck with a longer chain or pendant to elongate your torso. Layer a bold statement necklace for a higher impact and chic look. If you’re taking the necklace route, try to keep the rest of your outfit simple, as you’re already drawing enough attention to your upper body with a decorative piece and hefty amount of fabric that comes with the shirt.

One shoulder, embellished or plunging neckline

No necklace, no problem. Necklines with extra detailing such as beading, ruffles or a cowl neck have plenty of embellishment. One shoulder tops are dramatic and sophisticated, so don’t take that away by adding a neck piece. As for plunging necklines, you’re already drawing plenty of attention to your neck and upper body. Less is more, so no need to add a necklace here. Opt for cuff bracelets or chandelier earrings instead.

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