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Secret Strategy #22: Slim Your Look

Woman in turquoise top and duster over white pants and beige wedge sandals

Three tips for a really slim look:

1. Toss on a lighter colored top to draw focus upwards.

2. Go long with a top, sweater or duster to lengthen your line.

3. Wear shoes with more substantial heels to balance from head to toe.

Three tips for a really slim look.


Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below.Ā 

Comments (5)

Jesselyn A/Jesstinger

I LOVE this looks (although I’m a little afraid of white pants ~ I always seem to wreck them by getting a smudge or spill somehow – and beside, I always thought white tended to make objects ~ in this case ME ~ look larger!???)

I adore those long flowing sweaters/dusters ~ but it’s hard to find ones that aren’t cropped to short – or at an unfortunate length for the look! Thanks for all the great ideas!

Charlene Armstrong

I need help in my Fashion I am a plus size.

Monroe and Main

You came to the right place Charlene! Be sure to check out our Plus-Size Fashion blogposts! Thanks for checking us out. Have you ordered from us yet? We’d love to find out what you think of our fashions!

Gwendolyn F.Eason

I love all items I have purchased and waiting still for more items from present order to come. I’m kind of old fashioned. I like contacting the representatives to place my orders. All have been so helpful. I always Thank them for their time and patience. I’ve just received the Orange top with Ruching at the front waist down..Beautiful and stretchy soft. 3x to fit my rear. Underarm of it too big.The front too open in chest. The elastic in back waist buckles.A 2x won’t fit my rear. Monroe and Main…I love this Beautiful Top!!! So I’m not returning it.I’m taking the elastic off the back and closing the underarms some. The sleeves have these nice cut-out pattern with rhinestones. I’m making this work for me.I received jewelry that I thought I would be sending back…and that was before I got it. This jewelry is a great look for me! I owe all of the compliments I get to you. Thank you for your Plus Size fashions.

jackee brown

really like 22 for myself would like to purchase

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Published on Feb 15 2015

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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