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Secret Strategy #72: Play Up a Simple Look

Secret Strategy

Don’t feel like you have to wear something bold or colorful to all the upcoming holiday parties. If you feel most comfortable in a black top or dress, that’s okay! Add some pizzazz to your look with cool accessories and a great pair of shoes. Use a statement necklace, a beaded purse or a colorful pair of heels to add some personality to a simpler outfit, and play up your hair and makeup as well.

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below. 

woman wearing a tunic and a statement necklace

2 thoughts on “Secret Strategy #72: Play Up a Simple Look

  1. Where can I find this grey top?

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for checking out our Fashion Tips & More! 🙂 This sweater is our Medallion Tunic! Isn’t it fabulous? Here’s a link to get one for yourself: And when you do-we want to see a pic!! Be sure to Like us on Facebook for updates and occasional offers: Or you can check out the Monroe and Main Coupons page for offers as well.

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