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Secret Strategy #72: Play Up a Simple Look

Woman in black pants and gray top with ruched front

Don’t feel like you have to wear something bold or colorful to all the upcoming holiday parties. If you feel most comfortable in a black top or dress, that’s okay! Add some pizzazz to your look with cool accessories and a great pair of shoes. Use a statement necklace, a beaded purse or a colorful pair of heels to add some personality to a simpler outfit, and play up your hair and makeup as well.

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below. 

woman wearing a tunic and a statement necklace

2 thoughts on “Secret Strategy #72: Play Up a Simple Look

  1. Where can I find this grey top?

    1. Hi Michelle, thanks for checking out our Fashion Tips & More! 🙂 This sweater is our Medallion Tunic! Isn’t it fabulous? Here’s a link to get one for yourself: And when you do-we want to see a pic!! Be sure to Like us on Facebook for updates and occasional offers: Or you can check out the Monroe and Main Coupons page for offers as well.

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