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Secret Strategy #89: Cap Sleeves

Woman wearing black cap sleeves dress

The cap sleeve is very popular among women’s fashion trendsetters, and with good reason!

This sleeve is very short and hangs over the shoulder without extending underneath the arm. It’s widely found in t-shirts and blouses, but can also be used in dresses and tunics.

The cap sleeve allows for more room so it’s great if you’re active throughout the day so you won’t feel restricted.

It’s also a very flattering style for people of all body shapes because it isn’t too tight on the arm.

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below.Ā 

woman earing cap sleeves

Comments (4)

dennie wynn

Do you have a catalog in petti because i am short. if so could you mail me one my address is 4869 forgatrydrive fayetteville nc 28311 my is Dennie Wynn thank you. i love your collection on your clothing line.

Monroe and Main

Hi Dennie,
Unfortunately, we do not offer a petite catalog at this time. We’ll certainly keep the idea in mind for the future! Thanks for commenting.


Do u have narrow shoes

Monroe and Main

Hi Georgia,
Unfortunately we don’t at this time – We’ll pass that along as a suggestion to our merchants for future items, though. Thanks for commenting!

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Published on Jan 03 2016

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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