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Secret Strategy #100: Timeless White

woman wearing white tunic and black pants

Timeless white is one of the “purest” ways to add versatility to any look. It can be dressed up or down, pair with most anything, it can help other colors to “pop” more and any variation of the classic button-down showcases your sense of style.

Let us know if this secret strategy works for you! Comment below. 

woman wearing white

Comments (11)

Carol Franklin


Michele Kopp


Avaevon Tollenaar

number ninety
Instep and timeless suggestions



Orpha L Clark

Wonderful I love it


Wow just beautiful!!!!!!!!!#!


Wonderful items

Patricia Calhoun

The Best

Tonya Mason

Simply wonderful.


That is so wonderful and so classic.i love it

Barbara Hayden


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Published on Feb 04 2016

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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