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Top slimming secrets to enhance your look

Woman wearing red dress


Every woman’s body is beautiful, especially because of the differences that make us unique. It’s common for women, no matter what their size or shape, to try to appear slimmer through the way they dress. Every person and publication has their own advice, but we’ve rounded up the best-kept secrets to achieve this goal. So shhhhhhh, but read on:

Try a patterned tunic

Sometimes the most flattering articles of clothing are the most versatile. Long tunics are one such item, as they come in a variety of fabrics and colors and enable wearers to experiment with shape. A flowy blouse is figure-friendly, hides any insecurities around your midsection and can be worn with dark-wash women’s skinny jeans or belted over a slimming skirt. For an even more trimming option, try a patterned tunic in a small print.

woman wearing cheetah tunic

“Red offers a huge confidence boost.”

Red means go

Contrary to popular belief, red means go – in fashion, specifically. Not only does the shade offer a huge confidence boost to anyone who wears it, red absorbs light spectacularly, according to Glamour. Try a v-neck career dress with a cinched waist in this eye-popping color and rock it!

Woman wearing red dress


Step into the light

While dark colors should definitely play a part as you try to dress in a form-flattering way, so should light shades. The key is wearing your black, brown and navy pieces on the areas you’re nervous about, whereas your whites, tans and light grays go on places you want to accentuate. Another good rule of thumb is light over dark for layering purposes. A embellished top in a light color over a dark pair of leggings or well-fitting dress capris are a great look that can be dressed up or down.

Choose the right accessories

As with any fashion conversation, we can’t go without talking about accessories. These pieces compliment any outfit you put together and work to make you look slimmer as well. A long statement necklace elongates your midsection, while your choice of shoe lengthens your legs. We’d recommend nude dress heels, as they blend in with your skin tone, making your bottom half look that much longer. Try to avoid those with too many straps, as these types tend to break your eyeline as you look at yourself from top to bottom.

gold heart crystal necklace

Don’t rely on all black

In your attempts to look more trim, you’ll often be told to focus on dark colors and neutrals. While pieces in these shades are form-flattering, they are not the end-all, be-all for your wardrobe. Instead, adding pops of color to accentuate your favorite areas of your body may be the most slimming technique of all. Try a burgundy, high-waisted pencil skirt and pair it with a tucked-in, classic white button-down. Having your blouse tucked in, along with the waistline of your solid-color skirt, will highlight the smallest part of your stomach.

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