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How to have a versatile wardrobe when packing light

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Summer vacation means relaxing, getting away from it all and enjoying amazing weather. However, you must first clear the packing hurdle. This obstacle trips up even the most seasoned travelers, but a few tricks can prevent you from carrying too much. Of course, being the stylish individual you are, you probably don’t want to give up looking fabulous for all occasions. You can have your denim and wear it too with these packing tips for a light and versatile suitcase:

Pick a palette

You’ve probably heard it before, but choosing a color palette for your vacation wardrobe allows you to mix and match any piece for tons of clothing combinations. The easiest way to go about this is to mostly pack neutrals with a few pop colors. For instance, you might have denim, white and brown as your neutrals with a pink fashion scarf for those cooler days and an aqua sun hat for the beach. Accessories are a staple for any ensemble, and they give you the opportunity to switch things up. Plus, because scarves and jewelry are small, they won’t take up much space.

To be sure, you don’t have to make neutrals your color palette. If you have enough bold hues that match, make a small travel wardrobe from that! The only rule is that everything you pack should look good paired with other items in your suitcase.

White hat with gold brim

Have one nice outfit

With your color palette secure, you can plan the rest of your limited summer vacation wardrobe. Of course, you’ll need sleep wear and casual options, but don’t forget to have one nice outfit. This is the ensemble you grab for that nice restaurant or show or when you want to impress your significant other. For instance, choose one from your favorite neutral dresses and pair it with a blazer you can wear with other items in your suitcase. Finish the look off with a clutch and nice shoes. Other than this one outfit, however, don’t pack anymore “fancy” looks. In fact, a dress that can be toned down for a casual vibe or enhanced for a night out is perfect!

The only exception to the one-nice-outfit rule is if you will be spending most of your vacation in upscale settings. In that case, flip the script. Mix and match nice pieces during the trip, but have one casual outfit on hand.

Bodycon Dress

Pack three shoes

At most, you should only need three pairs of shoes for your trip. One for walking (tennis shoes), one for nice outfits (heels or dressy sandals) and one for relaxed days (comfortable sandals or stylish sneakers). Wear your largest pair, which is likely your tennis shoes or sneakers, while on the plane. This way, you’ll save space in your bag and be comfortable in transit. As with the rest of your clothing, choose neutral shoes that will match any combo you create.

Crochet Wedge by Monroe and Main

Embrace metallics

Metallics are considered neutral colors, but their shimmery look packs a style punch. They can make your outfits stand out and feel brand new while still pairing with the rest of your clothing. What’s more, you can bring metallics knowing they won’t sit around in your suitcase. Choose metal jewelry, blouses with gold or silver accents, shoes and even metallic tote bags. In fact, choosing a purse in a metal tone will make it a pop accessory that fits right in.

A lean suitcase doesn’t have to mean a boring vacation wardrobe. Sticking to a color scheme and strategically adding in highlight pieces will make you feel fabulous while you’re on the beach, sightseeing or relaxing.

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Published on Apr 07 2017

Last Updated on Oct 05 2018

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