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What are the ingredients of your personal style?

woman animal print scarf and blue winter coat

First and foremost, clothing has a lot of functional value. It keeps us warm, covers us up and protects us. But, let’s be honest – that’s not the best part about it. The best part about clothing is that it allows us to express ourselves and feel amazing while we’re doing it. If you’ve ever put on a pair of wedge boots and felt like a million bucks, it wasn’t because the shoes were protecting your feet from the ground! It was likely because they made you feel stylish and put together.

Expressing yourself with your clothing is all about developing a personal style. Think of the women in you life who dress well. Does what they wear convey their unique personalities? Does it complement their lifestyles? That’s what having a personal style means. If you want to create your own individual wardrobe, here are the ingredients to keep in mind:

Wardrobe staples

Even women with the most unique styles need some fashion staples in their closets. Think of these must-haves, like boot cut jeans or ballet flats, as the foundation of your wardrobe. As long as you have these key pieces, you’ll always be able to build an outfit you feel good in. Other staples include things like a fitted cardigan sweater, a basic sheath dress and even a couple of plain button-down shirts. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking these garments aren’t important for your personal style – they must fit well and be high quality.

ballet flats

Statement pieces

After building up a wardrobe of quality staples, it’s time to start experimenting with garments that will help you express yourself. Have you ever looked at an item online, and thought to yourself, “I love that bright color,” or even, “I don’t know if I could get away with that”? These things, like daring blazers, dresses with colorful prints, beaded jackets and anything else that strikes your fancy, are how you can start sprinkling a bit of your personality into your closet. (Oh, and if you’ve ever worried you can’t get away with an interesting or trendy garment, here’s a tip: You absolutely can. Wear what you love, and you’ll look and feel amazing.)

woman wearing beaded top

Unique accessories

Let’s not forget: Personal style is not just about the clothes you’re wearing. No wardrobe would be complete without some amazing accessories, like shoes, handbags, jewelry, hats, belts and so much more. These items are where your personal style can really start to shine. They’re the final touch that can take an outfit from nice and stylish to “Whoa, you look amazing today!” Do you love statement necklaces? Do leather handbags make you feel polished and sophisticated? These are all crucial aspects of an individual style.

woman wearing animal print scarf

A splash of ‘you’

Remember that the most important ingredient in your personal style is that it represents who you are. What clothing fits your lifestyle? What about your occupation? Most importantly, what do you like and feel really good in? Whenever you’re buying clothes, think about them from this perspective. You’ll likely find yourself gravitating toward certain styles, colors and accessories more than others.


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Candy O

It has to fit right. If it doesn’t fit, don’t even bother with it. And bring your confidence too!

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Published on Sep 27 2015

Last Updated on Sep 22 2015

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