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What your handbag says about you

Gray fringe crossbody purse

Centuries ago, women were often domesticated and subject to performing tasks around their homes. There was never much of a need for a wife or mother to leave the house, and if she did, she would tuck her possessions in the folds of her clothes.

As times drastically changed, women started to leave their homes for work and school. In addition, travel by way of boat and train became increasingly popular. As a result, fashionable luggage and handbags grew into a useful way for a lady to carry her belongings. The product began to boom.

Now, handbags are a desirable accessory that have become quite the fashion statement on the catwalk and in the streets. They’re also a woman’s survival kit – from makeup to hand sanitizer – she’ll be able to conquer whatever life throws at her that day.

The best part? Women never physically outgrow them, which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to have a section of your closet strictly dedicated to handbags.

Although you may have every style of purse on deck, you probably usually grab the same one whenever you leave the house. According to Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks, a body language expert who spoke to Glamour on the subject, this isn’t a random decision. The style and way a woman subconsciously holds her purse says a lot about her personality.

Cory Backpack

Here’s what your go-to handbag says about you:

Cross-body bags

Your brown leather cross-body bag will always be classic. It can be dressed up or down, so you typically grab this purse when you’re in a rush to make it to the movies on time. You can also wear it one of two ways, depending on your current mood or situation, and of course, your personality.

If you typically wear your bag over one shoulder keep it snug against your body, Dr. Hendricks points out that you’re most likely inspired by utilitarian motives. You’re a practical, sensible woman who likes to get things done. A free, swingy bag lightens the mood a bit, indicating that you’re less concerned with the display and more about the functionality. If a loose-hanging purse means easy access to your phone, that’s how you’ll wear it.

Many women readjust their purse so it’s draped across the front of their body where they can keep a close eye on it. Dr. Hendricks pointed out that women who wear their bag this way manifest a cautious personality and are often more reserved and shy.

“Her downward gaze and slightly folded up body posture support the suggestion of a slightly defensive personality,” she wrote in her book titled “Conscious Loving Ever After.”

This manner of carrying your cross-body bag behind your person gives off that go-getter vibe. Dr. Hendricks noted that a woman who wears her purse like this is a natural manifestation of a self-empowered woman, signifying that she is a warrior with a clearly defined goal ahead of her.

Fringe crossbody purse

Bucket bags

A large bucket bag provides you with confidence while still looking chic. There’s plenty of room for you hold all sorts of items that you can’t imagine going anywhere without. Again, depending on your personality, this bag can be worn two different ways:

Carrying your bag tight between the crook of your elbow connotes to the world that you can comfortably get by without using both of your arms.

“You’re basically de-operationalizing one of your arms in order to carry something of that size, telling everyone you don’t need to use both arms as you move around in the world,” Dr. Hendricks told Glamour. She also said a bag worn this way suggests a sign of priority on status and position.

Plus, putting it on full display is a great way to show off that new large hobo bag of yours!

When you hold your bucket bag by hand down by the side of your body, much like a briefcase, you are subconsciously calling attention to the importance of your job, Hendricks said. It shows you are confident and secure in what you do. It’s also a great way to balance out the heaviness of your bag so you aren’t leaning to one side.

Hobo Bag

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Published on Jan 14 2018

Last Updated on Jan 15 2018

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