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Check out these perfect summer colors

Woman in green multi-patterned tunic and jeans

Though opposite of the warm seasonal weather, cool colors are typically the go-to tones in summer. Take a look at what we are calling the perfect summer colors:

Perhaps they serve as a way to distract us from the blazing sun or remind us of a soft breeze. Either way, they are showing up in every form of fashion. By applying these hues and shades to your wardrobe, you can effectively celebrate the season and look great doing it. Check out these traditional summer looks and how they can flatter your figure:


Both aquamarine and scuba blue are taking center stage this season, according to Pantone. Brighter than your typical denim, aquamarine and scuba blue are more eye-catching and exciting. The best perk of having multiple blues suitable for a single season is that you can pair them together, guaranteeing a coordinating ensemble. Just like the clear pools and lakes frequented during the hot summer months, these brilliant blues carry a free-flowing style that work best with flirty, loose-fitting clothing. Try out these colors on an airy maxidress or draping summer skirt.

Blue is one of the many perfect summer colors.


Lucite green, which looks like cool mint, is a fabulous and trending summer tone, so you’ll have no problem finding clothes in this color. The soothing, light shade flatters any shape, especially with its tendency to soften a look. This understated tone is great for women who are trying to de-emphasize certain body parts, so it can be worn with virtually any type of clothing.

Green is one of the many perfect summer colors.


Strawberry ice, the name coined by Pantone, is the perfect way to show off a flirty, feminine flair. If you want to play up the girly style with this pale shade of pink, select pieces that have dainty details like crochet lace or embellishments and finish off the outfit with white or gold accessories.

For a sharper, more sophisticated look, you can contrast the pink with bold colors like black and navy. Pair a pink sundress with a stark black blazer or don a bright pink cardigan over a neutral-colored outfit.

Pink is one of the many perfect summer colors.


Just like the shining sun, this citrus color will brighten up any outfit. An eye-catching tangerine tone can effectively draw attention toward areas of the body you want to emphasize and away from the ones you don’t. For example, a vibrant, orange belt worn above the hips will draw attention to the tiniest part of your waist, so incorporate this accessory strategy with a long tunic or sundress.

Since orange is such a vibrant tone, it’s best to let it play only a subtle part in your outfit. However, don’t let that discourage you from wearing it on anything but accessories. Look for clothing items that incorporate it among other colors, or pair it with a neutral like white or denim. By wearing it with more understated tones, you can make the brightness less overwhelming.

These colors are best highlighted with white gold, rose gold, silver and platinum accessories. So, snag a metallic-colored purse or a chunky, glittering gold necklace to pair with these fashion-forward colors, and you’ll be ready for a stylish summer.

Orange is one of the many perfect summer colors.

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Published on Jul 20 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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