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Back view of woman wearing houndstooth dress Tips for dressing for your body type

Sometimes fashion magazines don’t give you the ideal style suggestions when it comes to complementing your specific body type.

Woman wearing long necklace, black belled blouse and white lace skirt Necklaces for different necklines

Always consider length when matching fashion jewelry to your neckline.

Woman on couch in red slippers, fleece lined leggings and white top Finding your ideal sleepwear fit

Mix comfort and luxury with the perfect women’s sleepwear.

Woman in multi-colored booties and green, high-low hem and ruched front dress The best way to dress a pear-shaped body

If you have a pear-shaped body, use these tips to balance your bust and shoulders and flaunt your waist.

Stretch Favorites For All Shapes & Sizes Lookbook 2017

Looking for Monroe and Main Stretch favorites for all shapes and sizes? Checkout this 2017 Style Lookbook!