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Our best selling pant

Our Audrey Trouser is our best-selling pant for many reason as our customers have noted below in their reviews. Flattering and versatile, these pants look great in both Misses & Plus.

Feet fashion for fall

While chilly weather tends to add emphasis on finding fashionable ways to find warmer tops and bottoms, the fall season is also a great time to discover trendy footwear that keeps your toes nice and toasty.

Shoe Storage 101

We’ve got some helpful ideas for ways to store your entire footwear collection.

Must-have accessories for fall fashion

Summer might be leaving soon, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t dress to impress!

Dress for Success Partnership

We are very proud of our partnership with Dress for Success and how we send clothes every quarter to help women feel confident and succeed.

4 easy ways to brighten up basic black

Sometimes dressing in basic black is just easier, but adding pop of color can completely transform your outfit!

A guide to job interview fashion

After all the tedious and repetitive work of typing up your resume, applying for the right job and nailing the phone interview, the time will come where you will finally have to explain why you’re the best available candidate in person.

Our Customer Models Her New Fashions

Thanks to one of our fave Facebook fans & customers, Nadeen, for sharing so many stylish looks wearing various Monroe and Main fashions. We LOVE seeing our fans looking so polished and confident.

Hiding your hips

Precisely picking out your wardrobe to complement your shape will help out with concealing certain traits of your body.

Assembling the ultimate weekend wardrobe

The dates may only be five days, but those 120 hours can really start to add up by the end of the work-week.

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