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Woman in one-piece swimsuit with gold front zipper

4 tips on choosing slimming swimsuits

Summertime typically means you’ll be showing more skin, especially when it comes time to slip on those swimdresses. Well, ladies, if you’re in the market for a new bathing suit this season, don’t sweat it. As always, we’re here to help – the struggle doesn’t have to be that real. Whatever your body shape and desired style, guaranteed we have a suit sure to make a splash. Those warm, summer rays and long beach days are upon us, which means it’s time to get shopping!

Blitz Zipper Suit from Monroe and Main
Blitz Zipper Suit from Monroe and Main

Here are four tips for choosing slimming swimsuits:

1. Form-fitting material

To exude the appearance of a slim figure while sporting a bathing suit is all about the material. Most suits are made out of spandex, which stretches out over time due to normal wear and tear and from the chemicals in the chlorine. The key here is finding a bathing suit that has a higher spandex content – the higher the content, the greater the slimming effect will be.

A bathing suit made from a blend of nylon and spandex is even more durable, so look no further than the Blitz Zipper Suit. The second you slip on this miraclesuit one-piece, you’ll feel both strong and confident. The comfortable miracle fabric is instantly slimming, long-lasting and fits like a glove. This bad boy features a deep-V neckline, gold-tone front zipper closure and is shirred around the bust. The form-fitting material featured on this Miraclesuit™ is a surefire way to tuck your tummy in for a more toned look.

2. Bright solids and eccentric patterns

While trying to look slender in a bold-colored suit or one with a splashy pattern might seem daunting, it’s actually quite flattering – especially if you’re already rocking a tan. Opt for primary colors with a hint of neon like poppy red or royal blue. As for the patterned suits, here’s what we have to says about those: Go wild! Patterns are fun, especially for the summer. Plus, they provide a distraction by drawing eyes to those graphic prints instead of areas of your body you’re insecure about.

Not an expert on patterned suits just yet? No problem, because we are! Here are some tips for looking slim in a pattered swimdress:

For a slender waist: Try a suit that has a deep background color with an array of colorful, curved stripes along either side of your waist.

For an elongated torso: Choose a suit with thin, vertical stripes in any color.

For slimmer hips: Hide those loves handles with a dark-colored bottom paired with a graphic print top. Or, opt for a suit with an ombré tone – dark toward the bottom, progressing to a lighter shade on the top.

Dive into summer with a miraclesuit for a slenderizing figure. Dive into summer with a Miraclesuit™ for a slenderizing figure.

3. Details in the fabric

When it comes to masking problem areas, details in the fabric will be your best friend. Visual adornments will trick the eyes, so search for bathing suits with embellishments like zippers, shirring or even a belt. This will help draw the focus upward toward your beautiful face!

Additionally, skirted bottoms work swimmingly in hiding those hips and highlighting other assets such as your long legs. Try to avoid a ruffle embellishment all together. This  fabric adds too much fabric regardless where it’s placed on your suit.

4. The right cut

The way your bathing suit is designed in terms of the cut and shape also play a role in creating a thinner you. Choose a pair of bottoms with thin straps that tie at the hip or are high-waisted to accentuate your legs, making them appear longer. High-wasted bottoms will help conceal your belly. For ladies who wish to hide their legs, opt for a plunging neckline, like a scoop or deep V, as this type of cut will highlight your upper half instead. Big-busted women should stick to patterned V-neck tops, and women with broad shoulders will look stellar in a strapless swimdress.

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