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Fabrics that help you look slimmer

Utilizing the magic of fashion is one of the best ways to stir the illusion of a slimmer frame. Choosing the right fabrics for your wardrobe can not only help you look like you shed 10 pounds, but is also a great way to flaunt your features and stay comfortable. Here are some fitting tips when it comes to finding a fabric that can make you look your leanest.

Firm or soft

When it comes to choosing a fabric, it’s important to understand that the firmness of the material will affect how you look to others. Stiffer fabrics will stray away from your body, creating a brawnier look that doesn’t stick to your skin and poofs out. A more flowing style of material will cling closer to your body, making you look much more slimmer and appealing in the process. A sheer top is a great way to hide a couple pounds and maintain your fashionableness.

Seek the sheath

Sheath dresses are designed to stick closer to your body, but always make sure when trying one on that the dress isn’t too tight, or it’ll look bulkier. Find a size that perfectly drapes just below your knees, and match a sheath dress with a slimming neckline top to appear thinner and taller. Avoid sheath dresses that are shinier, because glossier fabrics tend to highlight your figure, not conceal it.

Woo with wool

Using fabrics that are created from natural fibers will also give you a more genuine look. A great example of this is with wearing a wool jacket that will compliment your curves just enough while drawing eyes to your neckline and facial features. Try picking a darker color like violet or red to create a more daring and alluring look to your frame.

Decorate your design

Sometimes, all it takes to produce a slimmer appeal is by adding on a little flare to your ensemble. Ruffles are a great decorative option for your fabrics, and choosing blouses, tankinis or sweaters that have a little frill to them will provide you with a slimmer image that’s also frisky and perky.

model wearing a floral print top

She’s got legs

Leggings are a great accessory to have in case you need a quick wardrobe option that will work to thin you out. Black leggings under a skirt or with boots is a great way to slender out your lower half, not to mention make you feel more comfortable in the process.

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Leggings I love that look these are the only thing that I wear

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