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Guide to plus-size shapewear

Have you ever tried a corset? They are no longer made of whale bone and incredibly uncomfortable, instead corsets are a helpful option for women looking to slim their waist.

Shapewear has come a long way since the days of corsets that cut off circulation and make it difficult to breathe. Today these foundation garments are not only helpful, they’re comfortable and stylish. It can be confusing trying to figure out what option will give you the look you want, so we’ve made a guide to help plus-size ladies figure out what’s the best shapewear for them.

If you’re looking to minimize your thighs and butt…
Try slimming control briefs or shorts to cover your bottom half. If you have extra weight around your middle, be sure to look for a high-waisted pair. It will smooth and shape your thighs and bottom as well as add definition to your waist. It will also be more comfortable than a low-rise pair. Some versions come with extra lifting power to your bottom. These garments should fit snugly and smooth out any dimpled skin. They’re great for wearing under a pencil skirt or tight trousers.

Check out our guide to plus-size shapewear.

If you want to tuck your tummy…
Have you ever tried a corset? They are no longer made of whale bone and incredibly uncomfortable; instead corsets are a helpful option for women looking to slim their waist. Corsets come in strapless versions that support your bust and cinch your waist, as well as those that have straps but don’t cover the bust area, allowing you to wear your own bra. You could also try a longline bra, which is a bra that has a partial corset attached to the bottom. The corset part should start at your belly button, slimming your waist while lifting and firming your bust. These are all great choices if you are looking to create an hourglass figure.

Have you ever tried a corset? They are no longer made of whale bone and incredibly uncomfortable, instead corsets are a helpful option for women looking to slim their waist.

For full-body control…
If you’re planning on wearing a dress and want to cover everything for a slimmer waist, bottom and thighs and a better bust, look for a shaper slip. Just like a regular slip, these garments are silky dress that can be worn underneath a top layer, but they are fitted instead of loose. When you are wearing one you should feel supported, but not restricted. Be sure that you can comfortably move about while wearing a full-body shaper. If you want to wear your own bra, there are plenty of full-body control slips and body suits that have cutouts. This allows them to work with your bra to lift your bust while adding shape to the rest of your body. Some options look like a one-piece swimming suit with a brief-like bottom and others are longer, also shaping the butt and thighs with a shorts-like bottom.

If you're planning on wearing a dress and want to cover everything for a slimmer waist, bottom and thighs and a better bust, look for a shaper slip.

Which style of shapewear is your favorite? Tell us below in the comments!

Comments (12)


I prefer the one piece shapewear, and I would like for it not be uncomfortable. I have worn several different types, but didn’t know anything about the corsets. I would like to know where to purchase one or if you can get a catalog.

Monroe and Main

HI Connie,
Thanks for the comment. Here is a link to the corset we sell: You are also very welcome to sign up to receive our free catalog here: Thanks again for your comment and hope you are having a great day.

Richard Kern

A perfect guide Indeed.. 🙂 Women always struggles to choose among so many available options this guide is a perfect option to decide

Sheree Waltz

Really???? Have you looked at the pictures on your “plus size” blog? How about plus size women modeling the shapewear so we can really see what it will really look like on us plus size girls?!!

Monroe and Main

Thanks for the comment Sheree. We have invested in plus-size photography for some of our outfits, but not shapewear. We appreciate the feedback and will check into this. Thanks so much.

Lana Vaughan

Wouldn’t buy it. If you can’t show enough respect for your customers to hire models that are size appropriate, I won’t place an order. Most of the plus size items I’ve ordered in the past I’ve had to return because of poor quality or terrible sizing.

Monroe and Main

Hi Lana, thank you for your comment. We appreciate the feedback. We have, in fact, used plus-size models in the past with very interesting results. When our customers see plus-size models, they simply don’t buy the clothing as much as they do when it’s worn on a traditional model (who’s typically between a size 2 and 6). We’re not sure why that is – but we’d love your input! We’d also appreciate hearing more about the items you have ordered in the past. Hopefully you left a review on our website because we are always interested in knowing and correcting any issues. Please contact us at if you have more information for us. Again, thank you for the comment.


I would love for Monroe and Main to put out a plus size catalog. I would love to see how the clothes look on a plus size model befor I buy. I have also not purchased items worn on your models because I know it will not fit a plus size woman the same. I love your style and I truly believe that there is room for another plus size catalog, especially one fro Monroe and Main.

Shawn K. Houston

I understand what the other ladies are saying about seeing the clothes on a regular size model instead of a plus size model. What I would love to see is more petite plus size options. All of us curvy girls are not 5’8″ or even 5’5″. There are some shorties out here who happen to only be 5’2″ and less but we shop the site faithfully. I love your clothes. I buy often and have never had an issue with them. I’ve even given them as gifts. I also shop the sister sites. What I can say to the woman who had a problem or anyone who has a problem, there is a return slip in your box with reasons why you are returning the item. There is also a 1-800 number, Monroe and Main staff are willing to bend over backwards to make your shopping experience wonderful. Now for my dislikes: The prices are just a tad on the high side and I always have to alter my items even the petite stuff. I would LOVE to see a petites only catalog. Love M&M. Keep up the good work.

Monroe and Main

Thanks so much for this comment Shawn and for checking out our blog! We totally understand and are always looking for feedback and ideas. We have been exploring expanding our petite plus size options, but haven’t been able to make it work yet. We are hoping to increase our size range next Spring, but it’s going to be going up to 4X or sizes 26-28, so that probably won’t help when it comes to petites. Hang in there. It may happen! Thanks so much for all the compliments!! 🙂


Great article with great content! I do actually discuss this very thing on my blog. I am a shape wear fanatic! I wear it daily. It gives me confidence and helps my clothing lay better. I have never purchased your brand of shape wear but would love to and would love to give a review on my blog! I have never been a big fan of the corset type but only for comfort reasons! Ladies I hope if you have a chance you will check out my blog for more information on fit and style preferences!
Thanks for the great read!

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Published on Jan 20 2015

Last Updated on Apr 21 2015

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