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How to Layer Your Clothes

One of the key ways to stay comfortable yet stylish during spring and fall is to know how to layer your clothes. During these transitional seasons, temperatures can vary widely throughout the day. Many curvy women think that layering will add bulk to their appearance, which is exactly the opposite of what they want to do with their clothes – this isn’t necessarily the case, though. Properly layering clothes can be flattering, and it’s a fun way to use all of the individual pieces you already have in your wardrobe. Take a look at these guidelines for how to layer your clothes this season:

Find great layering pieces

There are some layering basics you’ll need to get started, including jackets, blazers and cardigans. Whether you prefer denim jackets or bright, floral-patterned blazers, these are great layering staples that will keep you warm during the cooler early and late hours. Cardigans and pull-over sweaters are good options as well, though they’ll likely be a little lighter than your spring jackets. Try layering a bright V-neck sweater over a basic white button-up shirt for a preppy outfit – perfect for the office.

jean jacket layered over paisley print top

Start thin

To layer successfully without adding extra bulk to your appearance, it’s important to start with thinner and more fitted shirts or tank tops. For instance, wear a plain tee and jeans under a colorful blazer. The tee will fit closely to your body, and the blazer will still add definition through its structure. Avoid layering bulky items on top of each other. For one, you’ll probably get a little overheated throughout the day, but you’ll also add the appearance of excess weight.

how to layer your clothes starts with a tank or two

Don’t drown your body

For curvy ladies, it’s a good idea to keep the top layers structured, belted or buttoned in order to define the waist. To wear looser layers, like long, flowy cardigans, make sure the other layer and bottoms you pair with it are fitted to balance your proportions. Or, toss a belt over a long cardigan to add definition.

BF Mesh Jacket

Mix it up

Have fun with your layering by pairing funky colors, patterns and prints this spring. If you choose to pair two prints, aim for patterns of different sizes and complementary colors. Try to avoid patterns that are too similar, and keep at least one pretty simple (like stripes or polka dots). Then, balance the outfit with at least one solid-colored piece.

Layer your clothes with mixing prints and patterns

Use textures

Monochromatic layering can be very flattering, but if you want to wear just one color, play with different textures to add visual interest. Wearing several items in just one type of fabric can look a little odd or frumpy. Wear a black cotton sheath dress with a ribbed knit cardigan, for instance.

how to layer your clothes with a jacket

Wear a scarf

Accessorizing with a scarf is one of the best ways to stay warm and fashionable during spring and fall, and they also allow you to have a little fun with your outfits. Scarves are great because they can make even the most simple of outfits look put-together and refined. Wear thin, lightweight scarves during the spring to keep your neck warm!

how to layer your clothes with a scarf

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