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Instant Slimming Magic!

Instant Slimming Magic!

Secret Strategy: Figure-Flattering Focus

Gentle draping and patterns both work to camouflage with elegance. Graceful lines in soft, flowing apparel create a leanness, while patterns dominate the focus of the eyes to conceal cleverly.  Shop Prints & Patterns >

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Secret Strategy: Slimming Symmetry

Rather than focus on curvy areas for flattery, enhance them by focusing on opposite places. Curvy hips? Draw the eye to your upper half. Curvy on top? Try lighter colors below, or apparel with slight flare. “Opposite focus” creates pleasing symmetry and graceful lines.  Shop Flattering Styles >

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Secret Strategy: 10 Pounds Thinner

Empire waist styles elongate your body and gather in all the right places to narrow your silhouette and accentuate your best features. The result? You look 10 pounds thinner!  Shop Empire Waist >

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 10.01.57 PM

Secret Strategy: Color Complements

Think “black with personality.” Blues come in a wide spectrum of hues and complement all skin tones. Paired with black, blue adds a richness to any look. Use it to focus on areas you prefer (and draw eyes away from areas to conceal).  Shop Colors of the Season >

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Use colors make you look slimmer!

Article: What Colors Make You Look Thinner & Slimmer

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Published on Sep 20 2014

Last Updated on Nov 22 2021

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