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woman wearing a multi-color printed sheer top with shark-bite hem and olive pants

Look 10 pounds thinner instantly: 5 new strategies

We’ve already unearthed a few ways to dress 10 pounds thinner, but it’s important to have every strategy you can to optimize your wardrobe. With so many fun styles for fall, it’s easy to select pieces that will slim your shape. You’ll notice results as soon as you step in front of a mirror, and everyone else will, too! Check out these five new strategies to instantly slim your shape:

1. Counterbalance to hide your tummy

The stomach is a problem area for many women, so hiding the tummy is often a go-to style strategy. While wearing a baggy T-shirt or layering on bulky sweaters may cover up your middle, this method actually widens your shape. Instead, draw eyes to other areas of your figure with counterbalancing. This fashion game plan involves incorporating a flare at the hips, hemlines or the pants to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

To achieve this counterbalance, select items that naturally widen. For tops, this may as subtle as a billowing tunic that slightly flows away from the hips to something more drastic, such as a peplum top that features hard angles on the hemline.

Enhance your small waist while staying on trend this season with a mermaid skirt. The pencil-skirt fit delivers a slimming hold through your legs, and the hemline flares out at the bottom. Not only does this feature add visual interest, but it also creates that essential counterbalance to slim your figure.

Houndstooth Peplum Top

2. Utilize hidden control

Clothes that hold you in are a great option for instantly looking 10 pounds thinner. Easily create a smooth, flat look without bulge with control-panel bottoms. Dress pants and pencil skirts with this feature will get you through the fall workweek. The comfortable mesh panel on these items can make you look a whole size smaller. Even without a blouse draping over these bottoms, the control panel is still completely undetectable. The only thing people will notice is your slimmer hips!

You can also use shapewear for this same purpose. Wearing these integral wardrobe pieces instantly tones your figure, and the shapewear isn’t noticeable under your clothes. For all-over slimming, opt for body briefer or braless body suit.

Body Briefer

3. Create soft curves

Soft curves keep the eye moving – up and down that is. With a little bit of added dimension, the strategic flow will create a long, lean shape to instantly slim your figure. The right wardrobe pieces can keep you on-trend for the season while still adhering to this curvy strategy.

When building your wardrobe for fall, opt for billowing blouses or tunics with uneven hemlines. Eyes will follow the draping shape of these items, meaning your figure will look more vertical rather than horizontal. Keep it stylish by selecting these items in seasonal colors such as red, orange or aubergine.

Ruffles are also a great option for creating soft curves, especially when they flow in a vertical line. Go with a cardigan or fall jacket that features ruffles down the length of the piece. The details will add a fun style element while also drawing eyes up and down.

woman wearing a printed top with an uneven hemline

4. Lengthen your body with long lines

Long lines are key to achieving a lean figure, especially for petite or curvy women. Fortunately, there are several ways to achieve this in your fall wardrobe. First, use printed long lines to instantly slim your body. You can do this by opting for clothes that feature vertical stripes. Whether you wear this pattern on a knit top or a pair of dress pants, the long lines can help slim your whole shape.

Print isn’t the only option when it comes to using vertical lines. Longer clothing items, such as trench sweaters that extend down to the ankle, draw the eyes up and down, helping you appear tall and slim. These types of layers not only make you instantly look 10┬ápounds thinner, but the added warmth will get you through the chillier fall months. Women’s Health Magazine suggests incorporating lightweight accessories such as scarves and necklaces into your body-lengthening strategy.

woman wearing a lined suit

5. Get the right fashion fit for you

No two bodies are alike, and misses clothing needs to be constructed with that in mind. The actual size isn’t the only element of fashion that matters when it comes to achieving a slimmer shape. Some items just don’t fit well because of the way they are designed.

At Monroe and Main, we take pride in how clothes are made, and we always keep fit in mind. That’s why you’ll find a vast selection of pieces that are made to flatter any figure. Take our stretch jeans for example. Jeans shopping can be brutal – that stiff denim material just doesn’t want to give. However, with our stretch jeans, you can effortlessly find the perfect pair because they were made to fit all shapes and sizes. Plus, a good pair of jeans acts like outer shapewear. The structured fabric holds you in and smooths out your legs to make you look thinner.

control jeans

Keep this instantly slimming strategies in mind when shopping for fall items. Or, repurpose older pieces when you transition your summer wardrobe into fall.

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