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Loungewear: It’s all about the hoodie

So you’ve had a busy week with work, household responsibilities, social engagements and everything else you have going on. You finally have a day off, and the last thing you want to do is put on a pair of jeans and a nice blouse to take care of stuff around the house or run errands in – so what do you do? You put on some loungewear, of course!Pleated Hoodie

Loungewear for women allows all of us to stay relaxed and comfortable all day. And it doesn’t have to be at the expense of looking cute and stylish, either. One loungewear piece we’re loving right now? The hoodie. Here’s why we love this wardrobe essential and how you can look great wearing it:

Loungewear for women: Why we love the hoodie

In the world of trendy plus-size fashion, hoodies most likely don’t top your list of stylish must-haves. But actually, these loungewear garments are great to own for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they’re amazingly comfortable, and that’s a huge plus for busy ladies who need a break from more formal clothing every now and then. They’re also good layering pieces for cooler fall and winter temperatures. And finally, they can actually be very flattering. Yes, you read that right – hoodies can be flattering. Read on for a few tricks to find one that works for your personal style and body type.

Say ‘No’ to men’s hoodies

Men’s hoodies may offer the kind of roomy comfort that feels great while curled up on your couch watching Netflix, but they aren’t nearly as flattering as ones made specifically for women. Why? Because women’s hoodies are made with feminine body types and curves in mind, so they’ll fit more truly to your figure – and that means you’ll feel better about the way you look in them. Not to mention, women’s hoodies often have more embellishments and fun colors.

Think about shape and length

As with any piece of clothing, it’s important to know your body type and consider what looks best on it when choosing a hoodie. For most body shapes, garments that cinch around the waist or a bit higher (like empire-waist tops) and flare out at the bottom create a lovely hourglass shape. So, find hoodies with seams that pull the fabric in slightly around your waistline. Also, longer hoodies – like ones with hemlines that fall past your hips and bottom – tend to be flattering on most body types.

Weekend Warrior Hoodie

Pair them with slimmer bottoms

Hoodies are often longer and bulkier than other tops you may wear, so counterbalance the extra volume on your upper body by wearing slimmer pants. Whether you throw on a pair of plus-size leggings or yoga pants or pair a stylish hoodie with skinny jeans, you’ll create a more proportionate overall look.

Choose one with embellishments

Hoodies don’t have to be basic and solid-colored. Many have fun embellishments and details that can add some visual interest to your outfit while also being very flattering. Choose detailing around the neckline to draw the eyes upward – this will create the illusion of a taller and leaner body.


Amp up the stylishness of your hoodie even more by adding a few accessories! Wrap a heavy-knit scarf around your neck or wear a cute beanie or cloche hat with the outfit. Add a few bangle bracelets, and you’ll be ready to hit the town in style.

Remember: Being stylish doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your comfort! Wearing a fashionable hoodie is the perfect way to stay cute and cozy all day.

woman wearing a velour hoodie

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I like this shape and longer hoodies.the color is full of naturally fresh sense on hot days. I agree with you that whites it’s hard to keep anything white, fresh and clean for the next season

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