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Plus-size guidelines for finding suits that fit right

Every woman should have at least one great suit that can be worn for interviews and other formal business occasions. That said, an ill-fitting suit can seem unflattering and less professional than mixed-and-matched separates. On the other hand, a suit that fits just right from head to toe appears polished and very becoming. For plus-size ladies, finding a suit that fits right means breaking it down into pieces and concentrating on each garment individually. Take a look at these guidelines for finding a suit that fits perfectly as a plus-size woman:

If you’re a curvy woman, your blazer should be fitted and structured so that it adds a clear waistline, even if it’s unbuttoned. Avoid oversized blazers that can make you look boxy or shapeless. Your sleeves should cover your wrists completely, and the jacket should hit right at your hips.

Many plus-size women struggle with finding blazers that are big enough to fit around their large busts while also hanging closely to their thinner waist and hips. If you have this problem, look for a blazer that covers your largest area, and have the rest taken in by a tailor. Remember that a blazer doesn’t need to button to look professional, so if you have a large chest but the rest of your torso is small, it’s OK to find one that doesn’t quite close.

Right On Target Suit

Skirt suits are traditionally the most formal and business-like option for women. The good news? They’re also very flattering for women with curvy bodies. To keep your suit professional, opt for a pencil or straight skirt that fits closely around the hips and hits at or just above the knees. A skirt with a slight A-line shape can work, but it shouldn’t flare too much. To flatter a larger stomach, find a high-waisted skirt with paneling on the front that can make your tummy appear flat. And don’t forget to sit down when you try on your new skirt to ensure it isn’t riding up too much.

Pencil Skirt Suit

Straight- and wide-leg trousers are more traditional options, and both are very complementary for women hoping to downplay a wider lower body. Slimmer pant styles that taper slightly as they near the ankle look modern but still professional, as long as they’re fitted close to the body around the hips and thighs. Wide- and straight-leg pants should be long enough to wear with whichever shoes you most often pair with your suit. If you wear pumps, the pants should extend about an inch or two off the ground when your shoes are on.

What to wear underneath
Choosing a colorful or printed top to wear underneath your suit is an easy way to add a little fun personality to your professional look. Opt for a solid-colored shirt or button-down if you want to keep the outfit as formal as possible, but otherwise, slip on any blouse that makes you feel confident and excited about your outfit.

These guidelines will help you find a suit that fits perfectly.

Mixing and matching
Once you’ve found a suit that fits great, don’t be afraid to use the different pieces to mix and match for less formal events. Try pairing your blazer with fun patterned pants and a T-shirt, or wear your trousers with a colorful blazer for a more casual office day.

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