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Shape-loving fabrics

Woman wearing black jacket over white top and green multi-print skirt

What matters more when it comes to finding the perfect ensemble: fit or style? How about both? At Monroe & Main, we put careful thought into every detail of our pieces, right down to the very last stitch. That’s because we know our customers value both being comfortable and looking great, and we don’t think you should have to choose! One of the most important aspects of our fall catalog has been choosing fabrics that deliver a comfortable yet flattering fit. Here are the shape-loving fabrics you’ll find this season:

Mini ottoman

Are you looking for durability? Then the mini ottoman fabric is for you. This knit utilizes subtle ribbing for lasting smoothness, and it will hold its shape throughout the day and for years to come. However, we know that no two bodies are the same. That’s why we’ve incorporated stretch elements so the clothing items can better fit to your unique figure.

If there’s ever a place to look put together, the office is it. We’ve incorporated this shape-loving fabric into several officewear items. Beat the chilly air of fall by going with a structured jacket in a mini ottoman-stretch blend. A longer length that falls below your hips will give you a long, lean shape. Of course, a top layer isn’t the only piece you’ll need when headed to work. Getting the jacket, top, skirt and dress pants in this fabric will ensure that the shade of black and texture of the material coordinate from piece to piece. Remember, you can buy now, pay later to stock up on all of the latest looks.

Woman wearing a mini-ottoman black jacket


When shopping for fall clothes, you should think about every season. That is, buying items that will take you from season to season will optimize the outfits you can make from your wardrobe. Start with getting pieces in tropical fabrics. No, we aren’t talking about bright oranges and palm tree patterns, we’re talking about the stitch.

Tropical fabrics are created with a simple, open weave that allows for heat to escape the clothes. Simultaneously, the lightweight material circulates the outside air in to cool down your body, making it ideal for any weather condition. The polished look of a suit in this fabric will help you feel confident in all you wear, and the airy weave will keep you comfortable. Dress for fall in a red women’s pant suit in this fabric or opt for transitional pieces in gray or black.

Woman wearing a Boyfriend Blazer.

French crepe

Graceful, elegant and relaxed – these are all words that describe the ultra chic French crepe fabric. This material usually has a crinkled or pebbled texture that allows it to flow away from the body and create an airy fit. We’ve taken this draping, lightweight fabric and given it a little stretch, meaning it will flatter your figure while keeping you comfortable.

Of course, we’ve coordinated this shape-loving fabric with items that complement its structure. For example, you can find gauchos, cardigans and mermaid kick-style skirts with crepe fabric. They provide just enough structure to deliver an elegant and sophisticated look with enough stretch to make sitting at your work desk feel like you’re lounging on the couch.

Woman wearing a teal french crepe jacket

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Published on Aug 30 2015

Last Updated on Dec 30 2015

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