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Woman wearing jeans and multi-colored embellished-front tank

Why shopping in plus size is better for your body shape

Navigating women’s clothing is no easy task no matter what size you are. Sometimes it feels like all different brands’ dimensions run differently, so it’s hard to tie down what your size is. That’s a big reason why so many women stray away from online shopping. Luckily, Monroe and Main makes buying clothes easy with a guide to how to find your measurements.

Height Ashbury Top from Monroe and Main

And yet have you ever felt like an article of clothing just doesn’t fit right? Well, that could be because it’s not that you’re getting the wrong size, but that you’re shopping in the wrong department. Here are some reasons why you should be shopping in plus size:

Clothing is better tailored

Have you ever found yourself in between sizes? The medium is too small but the large is too big. That’s because clothing isn’t made to fit all women’s shapes; it’s made to fit a very specific woman. Take, for instance, a pair of shorts in the regular women’s department. A size up will only make the shorts bigger on the waistline – not necessarily the length. This can make things difficult for taller ladies.

On the other hand, plus-size clothing is made specifically for a curvier figure, which means every measurement is modified. If you go a size up in a shirt, the bust, width, length, etc., will all be adjusted. That’s because real women’s bodies are all different, and plus-size clothing designers take that into account.

Lylux Romantic Blouse from Monroe and Main
Romantic Blouse from Monroe and Main

Jeans fit better

Let’s face it – jeans can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. For some women, denim is a must-have item in their wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed up or dressed down. However, finding the perfect pair of jeans is no easy feat. But thanks to Monroe and Main, shopping can be a breeze. Our denim fits all body types like a glove, no matter if you’re looking for bootcut, skinny, distressed or even colored jeans.

The best part about plus-size denim is that it is made with every woman’s body shape in mind. The jeans are meant to be slimming and stylish for the perfect fit. That way, you’re the one wearing the jeans, not the other way around! Plus-size denim lets you be your most confident self.

Lylux Slim Distressed Girlfriend Jean from Monroe and Main
Slim Distressed Girlfriend Jean from Monroe and Main

Shirt lengths are just right

Ever since the crop top took over the fashion industry, it feels like shirts are getting shorter and shorter. Sure, these shirts may look great on someone in his or her teens, but the truth is that longer shirts are much more versatile. Plus-size shirts are the length they’re supposed to be. You’re no longer going to have to pair tops with a tank underneath to make sure it covers the top of your jeans. Plus-size shirts are made with materials that fit women to showcase their curves, not hide them!

Lylux Embroidered Tunic from Monroe and Main
Embroidered Tunic from Monroe and Main

Size and style are made to complement each other

Plus sizes go beyond simply style and size. Clothes are made for plus-size women, and it shows. From feminine and flowy dresses to asymmetrical skirts, these frocks are made not only to look good but to fit well, too. These articles match your silhouette so you have full coverage for your curves but accents to show off your figure.

Everything is designed with all body shapes in mind. Real women don’t all have the same figure. For example, there are plenty of shirts made to complement busty girls while other dresses are best for women with fuller bottoms. No matter what body type you are, there’s something that will look great on you.

Dresses finally fit

Navigating the choppy waters of women’s dresses is tough when you’re fuller figured. Most women’s dresses are simply too short to be appropriate and comfortable to wear. That’s where plus sizes come in. Designers make plus-size dresses with a goal in mind: flattering your entire body. A beautiful frock means absolutely nothing if it doesn’t fit right. These dresses work to balance your your body type so your clothes look like they were made for you.

Learn how to choose the best plus-size dress style for your body type.

The clothing is stylish

Plus-size clothing has gotten a bad reputation over the years. That’s because when it first hit the market, designers were only creating plain and simple articles of clothing. The only pieces you could find were basics, like jersey or cotton tops in conventional colors. Not many items had intricate designs, and nothing was fresh off the runway. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Now you can get plus-size clothing that fits amazingly and is in season. Yearning for the perfect spring dress? Opt for an Aztec tile print or gypsy tie-dye dress to start the warmer months off right.

Lylux Paisley Knit Top from Monroe and Main
Paisley Knit Top from Monroe and Main

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I love Monroe fashion because they are flattering, they are colorful as well they show off many of my good points and add enhance some of my not so good points, and . with defined me and my style. I have become the new hip fat teacher and even though i may not like the title i do love how the students. and I do love my new style. And this all have become about with your clothing. Thank you.

Hi Robin,
So happy to hear you enjoy our clothes – We’re glad to have you as a customer 🙂 Don’t let anyone else bother you either – Keep your chin up!

Very nice. I like the smooth yet flattering fit…

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