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Woman in a berry bouclé coat

Slimming outerwear for embracing the season

Finding the perfect coat is no easy feat. Coats can be bulky, heavy and sometimes unflattering. On top of that, women’s outerwear is something that is worn every single day over the colder months. So when it comes to choosing a coat style, you want to find something that will keep you happy (and warm!) all winter long. Here are some slimming and flattering coats to try out:

Cinched-waist coats

For busty ladies, this jacket is great to provide the support that you need.
When looking for a flattering coat, you’re going to want something that highlights the smallest part of your waist. For this, a single-breasted coat with a bottom that flares works great. It skims over your bottom half smoothly and cinches in your waist to create a beautiful hourglass figure. In addition, always opt for a jacket with a belt. No matter how much or how little bulk you’re sporting underneath, you can adjust the belt to the size necessary.

Slimming outerwear

Dramatic-collared overcoats

If you’re looking to slim your bottom half, consider a jacket with a dramatic collar. This way, you will draw attention to your neck and shoulders. Try for something with a deep V in the front. Choose one that’s not so deep that you’ll be cold, but just deep enough that it will show off your fashionable clothes underneath. The straight shape of this coat will drape perfectly over the bottom half of your curves without restricting you.

woman wearing a Bouclé Coat

Short-torso coat

Short-torso coats are not only in style, but they are flattering on almost all body types. Because this style is slightly cropped these blazers can help elongate a short torso. However, try to keep this length above your hips so that it shows off the length of your legs, as well.


If you’re looking to slim your entire body and not feel restricted by a coat, then the cape style might be the one for you. This coat drapes over your entire body and doesn’t cling to problem areas. Instead, you’re given an A-line shape that will flatter. In addition, these coats are great to experiment with fun prints or bold colors.

Black anything

When it comes to coat options, you may be overwhelmed. Finding the perfect style is hard enough, but what about color? If you’re looking to slim down your look all while looking effortlessly chic, the color black is the way to go. Black goes with everything, and it makes you look sophisticated without even trying. You can never go wrong with a black jacket.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 10.51.09 AM

OK, now that you have a coat to die for, what’s next? No outfit is complete without a hat and scarf set, of course. The best part about winter accessories is that they do more than just look cute, they also keep you toasty in the coldest of months. Be sure to grab a knit hat to cover those ears. A fashion scarf will look adorable and will keep your neck warm. Last but not least, don’t forget about gloves. If you choose a solid-colored jacket, try adding a pop of color with your accessories to make your getup truly shine.

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II like this short black jacket and the short torso coat. How do I order ?

Hi Regina,
Unfortunately, that post is from last season and we don’t have all of the same styles currently available. To view our current selection, please view our Outerwear category here. We will be adding more items as the seasons change. Thanks for reaching out!

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