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Slimming silver accessories

Woman in jeans, white top and brown shimmer scarf

Now that the cold weather is fast approaching, you may be opting for heavy sweaters and comfy clothes.

Although winter clothes that hide our bodies can be relaxing, sometimes you want to wear something that is a little bit more slimming.

Creating the appearance of a slimmer frame might be easier than you think. Instead of cutting back on holiday goodies, try some of these slimming silver accessories:

High heels

When you wear high heels, you’re elongating your body and making it appear leaner. The higher the heel, the more slimming it will look. Just make sure you’ve practiced walking in that pair of stilettos before wearing them out and about. The last thing you want to do is hurt an ankle. In addition to the classic look of the high heel, when your shoe is silver, it goes with everything. Just like the color black, silver is a staple color in the world of footwear because of its versatility. If you’re feeling really festive, try for a shimmery silver shoe to slim and complete your outfit.

In addition, the pointier your shoes are, the better. Shoes that are pointed will slim your legs more than rounded ones.

Slimming silver accessories: try Metallic Pumps

Long necklaces

If you’re looking to elongate your torso, you can do so easily with a long chain necklace. Similar to vertical stripes, they will make your tummy look longer and leaner. In addition, the more layered the necklace is the better. Knotted necklaces are an adorable way to slim you down, and look chic.

Long Multichain Necklace


Oversized handbags

Large handbags are a another way to accessorize your outfit and slim you down. The silver bag will take away the focus from your trouble spots. If you want your bottom half to appear slimmer, opt for a cross -body bag. It will cover your bottom so you feel more comfortable when walking. No matter what you’re looking to slim, a bag is a great way to go about it. Handbags work as a security blanket that can actually make you feel more confident.

Denim Croco Bag

Long gloves

If you’re heading somewhere a little bit more fancy, try some silver gloves. A pair of gloves that stretch to your upper arms will hide any insecurities you have. In addition, silver gloves pair great with a glamorous holiday dress.


One of the easiest ways to slim you down is to add belt. Now, there are several ways you can add belts to your getup. Traditionally, belts go around your hips. If you want to hide a belly, add a thick belt. On the other hand, you can also tie a belt around the thinnest part of your waist. If you buy a shiny silver belt, it will draw attention to that tiny part of your torso and look amazing!

Faux Snakeskin Belt


When it comes to hosiery, you may go for the classic look of black or nude. However, you could be missing out on some important times to add dimension to your legs. If you buy shimmery silver hosiery, it will lengthen the look of your legs.

Glitter Tights

A festive shrug

If you love strapless dresses but don’t want to bear your arms, we have a solution. When it comes to looking cute but also covering up, the shrug is the best addition to your ensemble. This will cover your arms and provide you with warmth you may need. That way, you can sport your beautiful dress without any concerns. Be sure to try for a silver shrug to pair with your holiday colors.

Sparkle Knit Ruana

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Published on Nov 17 2015

Last Updated on Jul 21 2016

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