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Time to get tunic

Tunic tops are always a playful and fun shirt choice!

Tunics are typically hip-length tops that are meant to provide a looser, more free-flowing fit that can pair with a variety of bottoms. They’re a fun fashion option that suits the fall season well due to the sheer variety of lengths, styles and shapes. While tunic tops are ideal for matching with many types of looks, it’s important to know the do’s and don’ts when it comes to finding the right tunic style that helps fully accentuate your appearance.

Keep it loose
The main reason wearing tunic tops is both fashionable and comfortable is because their slight bagginess flows with your movement while flashing a distinctive vibrancy. Your tunic top shouldn’t adhere too tightly to your body, so better flexibility is customary. While keeping it loose is essential, a tunic shirt’s delicacy should be more prominent near the waist, allowing the fabric to be somewhat tighter around your neck and chest area. This will help keep your outfit from giving off a somewhat shapeless appearance.

Tunic tops are always a playful and fun shirt choice!

Pair wisely
The bottoms you choose to wear with your tunic top can essentially make or break your whole look. You need to remember that since the tunic blouse you’re wearing is more loose-fitting, your pants shouldn’t be baggy. Instead, try to match your tunic top up with something tighter, such as leggings or fitted pants, which will give you a less-bulky look. When it comes to wearing jeans with a tunic top, try to compliment the shirt with a slimmer pair of denim (think straight-leg or skinny cuts).

Accommodate your shape
The waistlines on tunic shirts tend to fluctuate in terms of how they can define your shape. Some blouses may be a tighter fit at the waist while others poof out, practically eliminating any chance of enhancing your curves. To maintain a more pronounced figure, try pairing your tunic top with a wide belt around your waist rather than your hips. This will accentuate your figure and prevent your top from ballooning outward.

try pairing your tunic top with a wide belt around your waist rather than your hips.

It’s all in the shoes
The footwear you sport essentially punctuates the look your tunic top is trying to create. For a night out, pair a tunic and slim jeans with heels. If you’ll be spending time outdoors in a more causal environment, try wearing flats or sandals with a tunic top and leggings.

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Published on Oct 08 2014

Last Updated on Jul 03 2019

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