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Try new sizes with our Lylux​ Collection

Every woman knows that liking a piece of clothing is only half the battle. Sure, you may love a top on the mannequin or in the catalog, but what about if it doesn’t look as good on you? The truth is that women’s fashion sizes are never truly the same. At some stores, a size 8 can fit like a size 2 or vice versa.

It’s even harder for those ladies who are plus sized. Some stores equate plus sizes to only wider clothes, not longer, making it impossible to find something that fits perfectly. Well, those plus-size women are in luck! Monroe and Main’s new Lylux Collection features new 4X and 5X sizes to fit your body in the most flattering way possible.

a description of Monroe and Main's new Lylux fashion collection with sizes up to 5X

Better all around

We’ve all tried on a piece of clothing that is just a little too small or big. So you opt for one size up or down, and it fits completely differently! Well, that won’t be the case anymore. A part of the new Lylux Collection is the introduction of new 4X and 5X sizes! These sizes are matched with the best materials to flatter your silhouette.

Studded Top

Try it for yourself

When it comes to clothing, sometimes you just need to try it on yourself to see. You may have thought that your clothes fit fine (and they very well may). However, your true size could fall in the 4X-5X category, and there’s no way of knowing unless you try.

These new sizes work great with flowy tops or dresses because they don’t just lay on top of your curves. Instead, a 4X women’s top skims your shape to create a beautiful figure – one that is feminine and sleek. These additions ensure every part of the garment fits better: the arms, the neckline, the waist, the tummy and much more! Give them a shot to see for yourself.

#Luxtip A wide neckline can broaden shoulders to help minimize the waist.

Tile Print Dress & more

Comments (11)

Why do they not worry about the arms some women have large arms you go to size bigger than then rest doesn’t fit !

Hi Shelby,
Thank you very much for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve the quality of our products for our customers. We will pass this information along to our merchandising team.

I am plus size woman who uses a power wheelchair. I would love to see clothing that looks nice when one is sitting. Long tops are great if you are standing, but not when you are sitting (they are uncomfortable to sit on), I love dresses, but do wear slacks as well. It is hard to find slacks that don’t ride up when sitting all day. Those of us who use wheelchairs want to look great and feel great too. This is my first look at your online store and while things are pretty, they are unaffordable to someone who lives on a low fixed income. No need to send me any ads or catalogs, I won’t be able to purchase anything anyway.

Hi Dawn,
We do offer our Monroe and Main Credit program, which allows credit approved customers to pay us back for as little as $20 a month. You can apply for Monroe and Main Credit during the checkout process. You can find more about our credit program by clicking this link: – We hope this is able to help. Thanks for commenting!

Does this new line come in petite plus? We are usually left out of the mix especially when it comes to pants sitting below the waist so that the rise will fit properly. Also designers never think of this issue when it comes to work out pants and sets. It would be great not to roll up ever again. While I’m at it – lengths of sweaters and tops for petite plus would be so nice. Thanx

Hi Sue,
Currently the line does not come in petite – That’s a great suggestion though and we’ll certainly keep it in mind going forward! Thanks!

I agree ww or www shoes would be wonderful, I think most large women tend to have a fuller foot as well,

I like those white sandles above do your store carry them in a size 11

Hi Carolyn,
We do carry them in size 11! You can see full product details and purchase them here.
Thanks for commenting!

I like the new line but one thing you need to carry www size shoes in 13 or 14. For bigger and taller women. And a church dress section men and women also take down the prices some thing they are a little bit high .have one month for hole month sell cheap than see how fast the products fly off shelf.if this works u would have too give me Margaret Williams a shopping spree

Hi Margaret,
Thanks for the feedback – We’ll keep your suggestions in mind!

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