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Fashion Glossary

If you’re ever unsure about a fashion term or want to know why it’s called a “sheath” dress or a “babydoll” top, take a look right here at our Fashion Glossary. We give you the top words associated with fashion that every woman should know. Enhance your fashion terminology knowledge with these clothing terms and style descriptions. Enjoy!

Let us know if we are missing any! Comment below and we will get it added to the list!



The triangular shape dress or skirt that is fitted near the top and widens toward the bottom, forming the letter “A”.

Ankle Bootie

A Boot reaching only to the ankle. 



A garment where the waistline is positioned higher than the natural waist and the skirt of the dress is loose and falls away from the body.

Ballet Flat

A round-toed slipper like shoe with a a very thin sole.

Bermuda Shorts

Long trouser shorts cut just above the knee.

Bias Cut

A technique to cut fabric diagonally across the grain of the fabric. This cut is particularly flattering because it tends to drape around the body.


Most commonly a loose fitting button-up top.


A jacket with a long lapel and button-front closure, often resembling a suit coat, but more casual.


The fitted part of a dress that extends from the shoulders to the waist.


Typically pertains to jeans or trousers that taper at the knee and loosen at the ankle allowing boots to be worn underneath.


A knit or woven fabric with small loops that create a knotted surface.

Boyfriend Blazer

A women’s blazer with a boxy menswear inspired shape.

Boyfriend Jeans

These straight-legged jeans fit relaxed around the tush and thighs and look like you borrowed them from your boyfriend.


A form fitting sleeveless and usually strapless top, worn as lingerie or as a camisole.


An ankle length tunic gown with wide sleeves and an open neckline.


A sleeveless outer garment that fastens at the neck and is worn hanging over the shoulders and back of the wearer.

Capri Pants

This cropped pant has a flat front and a mid-calf hemline.


A collarless sweater or jacket that buttons, hooks, or zips all the way down the front.

Cargo Pants

A loosely-cut pant distinguished by multiple oversized pockets.


Chino refers to the cotton twill fabric, not a style. Typically used for uniforms, work or sport clothes.

Cinch Waist

A waistline that is pulled in, with seaming or a belt.


A slim silhouette purse without handles, often used as an evening bag.


A shoe with a chunky wooden sole that is curved to support the arch of the foot, a round toe, and no back.

Cowl Neck

A loose-fitting neckline that drapes down on the chest or across the shoulders.


A style of coat or jacket with two rows of button closures and a wide, overlapping front flap.

Dropped Waist

A horizontal waistline that falls just below the natural waist and visually lengthens the torso.

Empire Waist

A raised horizontal waistline that starts under the bust.


A shoe typically having a canvas upper and a sole made of rope and rubber.


Fabric with patterned cut-outs.


A narrow-brimmed hat with a pinched front and a lengthwise crease in the crown.

Gladiator Sandals

Flat-soled, open-toed sandal with straps that extend across the foot and buckle around the ankle or leg.


A drapey woven fabric created from highly twisted yarns creating a semi sheer pebbly texture.

Halter Top

A sleeveless top with a U strap or tie around the neck to expose bare shoulders.

Handkerchief Hem

An asymmetrical hem created from different lengths of fabric panels with corners that hang down as points.

Hobo Bag

A soft, slouchy, and oversize bag with a top that droops in the center to form a crescent shape.


The inside seam of a pant leg.

Keyhole Neckline

A tear shaped or round cutout that fastens at the front or back neckline.


Turned-back flaps of cloth on a jacket, coat, or blouse, typically near the neckline.

Little Black Dress

Often referred to as LBD, typically an evening or cocktail dress. Considered an essential piece because of its versatility to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Maxi Dress

A floor or ankle length informal dress.


A dress, skirt, or coat with a hemline that falls mid-calf.


A backless and closed-toed shoe, tending to have pump or stiletto-type heels.


A hat that is flat on top with a bill in the front. It was worn by little newspaper delivery boys back in the ’20s. In more recent years it is a trend for both males and females.

Palazzo Pants

A style of trousers with very wide legs. Hemlines hit anywhere from mid-calf to the ankle.


A coat that is typically double breasted with wide lapels and large front buttons.

Pencil Skirt

A slim-fitting skirt cut in one straight line from the hips to the knee. It’s usually made with a single pleat or slit in front or back to make walking easier.


A durable fabric that retains its shape and is easily washed and dried.

Ponte Pant

A polyester knit fabric that resists wrinkles and is very durable. Ponte refers to the fabric, not a style.


Typically, pumps have a closed back with a low to mid heel without fastenings. They come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.


A natural fiber created from wood pulp that has good drape and a soft hand.


A technique of tiny pleats drawn together with thread, creating a stretchable panel of fabric.


A foundation undergarment designed to mold or hold your shape, creating smooth lines.

Sheath Dress

A type of dress with a figure-hugging silhouette.

Shift Dress

A loose fitting dress with little or no definition.


Rows of pleats or gathered fabric on a garment.


A cropped cardigan or jacket that ends above the waistline and is open in the front.


A style of coat or jacket with one row of button closures.

Square Neckline

A wide neckline that drops straight down and has three linear edges that resemble the edge of a square.


A garment characterized by its diagonally crossed neckline. It is also thought of as a “faux wrap” style that creates a v-shaped neckline.

Sweetheart Neckline

A graceful, open neckline that is low in the front and shaped like the top of a heart.


To gradually become narrow toward one end, commonly seen in pants with a slimmer ankle.

Trench Coat

A long coat that falls right above the knees, is belted, has button-front closure, and can be single or double breasted.


Pants with a tab front, wide waistband, and fits from the widest part of the hip and goes straight down from there.


A slip-on garment made with or without sleeves. Typically falling between the hip and knee length.


A tank top and a cardigan made of the same material.

Wrap Dress

The wrap is a one-piece dress with left and right panels that cross in front and are tied together by a built-in sash that wraps around at the waist.



The shaped part of the garment below the neck or hips from which the rest of the garment hangs.


Did you see any we missed? Comment below and we will get it added to the list!


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