Monroe and Main is sharing an infographic series on How to Dress Your Body Type.

Step #1: Take Your Measurements
Step #2: Identify Your Shape
Step #3: Shapewear 
Step #4: Prints & Colors (check it out below!)

Here is Step #4: How to Dress For Your Body Type: Prints & Colors

It’s our final infographic on dressing for your body type – this one is on how to wear prints and colors.

Dressing your body type requires being able to take measurements and using them to determine your shape. You can’t dress for your body type until you understand it! And while using shapewear can help define a silhouette even further, think of using prints and colors in your outfit as the finishing touch. Not only do bold patterns and colors draw attention, making you look and feel confident and sure of yourself, but they can also be used purposefully to highlight and downplay certain areas of your body. Here’s our final infographic on dressing for your body type – this one is on how to wear prints and colors:

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How to Dress Your Body Type Infographic Colors & Prints

3 don’ts of wearing prints and colors

First, there are a few rules of thumb regarding patterns and colors that every woman, no matter her body type, should keep in mind. As far as vibrant hues go, incorporate them into your outfits by pairing a bright and bold color with a neutral one so that the overall look isn’t distracting or glaring. Pair coral with nude or royal blue with grey, for instance. And when it comes to patterns, avoid using the same pattern in multiple garments, as the effect can be a bit matchy-matchy. Break them up by pairing with solid-colored garments. If you do want to mix and match prints, that’s totally an option. Just try to keep them within the same color family and vary their sizes – in other words, pair small prints with larger ones for visual interest.


You’ve already determined your body type with measurements, and if you found you’re a true hourglass, you’re in luck when it comes to prints and patterns. Highlight your curves by taking risks with bold, all-over prints and bright colors. Alternatively, you can downplay curves using a more monochromatic look with darker neutrals.


Women with rectangle shapes are great candidates for mixing and matching prints and colors because they can create some visual contrast between the upper and lower body. Use patterns, colors and layered tops to define your torso, and choose bottoms that will contrast.


Triangle body shapes have narrow upper bodies and wider hips, but using bold colors and patterns on top can create some visual proportion. Draw attention to the upper body using vibrant colors and fun patterns, and opt for bottoms that are neutral, dark and solid-colored.

Inverted triangle

Women with inverted triangle body types have wider shoulder and bust measurements than their waist and hips. This means they can pair patterned and colorful bottoms with dark, solid-colored tops for beautiful hourglass-like proportions.


If you have an oval body shape, your waist measurement is a little bit larger than the measurement for your hips. You can use colors to your advantage by looking for tops with slimming patterns and color-blocking. For instance, tops with black panels along the sides will make the whole body appear slimmer. Take advantage of your slimmer hips and thighs by wearing bolder and brighter pants, skirts and shorts.

Reminder-here are the 4-steps in our How to Dress Your Body Type Infographic series:

Step #1: Take Your Measurements
Step #2: Identify Your Shape
Step #3: Shapewear 
Step #4: Prints & Colors (above!)

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