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This fit is for you!

At Monroe and Main, one of the things we pride ourselves most on is how well our clothing fits women’s bodies – and that’s any woman, no matter her size!

So, to give you an inside look at how we make sure we get the best fit every single time, we sat down with the ladies on the merchandising and technical design teams. We call these ladies our “fit team,” and their goal is simple: to make the clothes look great on you, our lovely customers. Take a look:

Meet our merchandising team
First in the plus-size fit process is the merchandising team. Fashion director Sue, senior merchant Melissa and the rest of the merchandising team work with – you guessed it – the merchants to choose styles that flatter a variety of body shapes.

So what styles do they look for? Well, for one, anything with an A-line, since it’s the most universally flattering silhouette. But the merchandisers spend a great deal of time considering not just the overall garment, but its smaller details too. Things like cut, fabric, construction and even colors and prints are all considered, and then the garment is either selected or tossed based on how those details come together. Does the fabric drape right? Will the cut look boxy? Are the seams flattering?

All of the choices in this merchandising process are made with the customer in mind, says Sue.

“We don’t want to put something out there that’s not flattering on her. No matter her age, she wants something that will enhance her, not just cover her,” Sue explained.

Sue, Monroe and Main Fashion Director
Sue, Monroe and Main Fashion Director

Meet our technical design team 
Then, over on the technical design side of things, senior tech designer Julie, manager of tech design Anna and the others on their team take care of the rest. In basic terms, the “small but powerful team” alters the garments that were chosen by the merchandisers to fit a plus-size frame.

That means they spend time individually fitting each and every blouse, jacket or pair of pants on both a dress form and a fit model. Then they see how the piece can be changed for the ultimate fit, flattery and, most importantly, comfort. The fit team relies on feedback from the fit model (she’s a size 18W, by the way), who can tell them if something feels too tight or restricted and how it can be changed.

This part of the process may take months – it’s that detailed. Are the side seams too tight? Those are altered. Does the paneling in front need to be moved or resized? It will be. Whatever it takes to make it perfect, it’s accomplished. That way, we can be sure that no matter what size our customer wears, it will look great on her. And since we offer every garment we sell in every size (that’s small through 3X or 6 through 24, depending on the item) we want to make sure it will look good in all of those sizes.

“We really do pride ourselves on consistent fit across our brands and our styles,” says Julie. “We really try to make sure that if [our customer] is going to order a top, and a dress and pants, that she gets a consistent fit throughout. She knows what size to order and knows what size to wear in our brand.”

Julie, our Senior Technical Designer, works with our fit model.

The model issue
There’s one thing that a lot of people ask us about: Since we put so much effort into making sure our clothing looks amazing on every figure, why don’t we show our garments off on plus-size models in the catalog?

That’s a great question – and it’s something we’ve put some serious thought into. In fact, we’ve used plus-size models in the past with very interesting results. When our customers see plus-size models, they simply don’t buy the clothing as much as they do when it’s worn on a traditional model (who’s typically between a size 2 and 6). We’re not sure why that is – but we’d love your input!

Either way, one thing’s for sure. What matters most to us is making women look and feel amazing.

“To me, I think it can give a woman self-confidence,” Julie says about being in well-fitted and comfortable clothes. “If she looks good, if she has clothes that fit her, clothes that enhance her shape – I know when I wear clothes like that I feel more confident in myself.”

 Our fit team works with each and every garment to make sure it's going to fit you perfectly.

Comments (18)

I would also like to see the shoulder measurements, it would help me immensely to get my right size. Thanks

I have ordered shoes and handbags but never clothing but would like too. I am interested in your Lola stretch colored jeans. I normally wear a size 20 jean but if it has a large percentage of spandex I may have to get next smaller size. How do these jeans run, big or small or are they true to size?

Where is a sizing chart?? I’m not sure what size medium is or large?

Hi, Priscilla. Thanks for your comment. You can find our sizing chart here:

I love your clothes. I am 5′ short and can almost never find a 26″ inseam because ever store only offers WP I wish manufactures would realize most short people aren’t all Amazon’s and just make a Petite 2 4 size. I doubt this will ever happen with your store or others.

I’m confused. According to my measurements, I have a rectangle shape. I’m 5’2′. Not sure if rectangle shape is the same thing as full-figure or curvy. Help me figure out the right body shape. Thank you!.

Hi Beverly, thanks for the comment. The rectangle body shape is also known as the straight body shape. It’s a very common body type and the main goal is to wear clothing that creates curves. Click here for an article about this. Let us know if it helps or if you need more information. Thanks again for the comment!

I love shopping with you. I have bought many things from you and have loved them all. However, I have gained weight and now wear a bigger size than what you carry. It would be wonderful for myself and my sister too if you could increase your designs to accommodate fuller figures like sizes 28 to 30 and 32 to 34. I know I am not the only one out here who wishes this to happen. And I know women would love to buy your styles even more if we could get them in bigger sizes too than what you already have. Other than wishing for your size charts to increase I have NO complaints. And I will continue to shop with you for other things you carry while I wait for your sizes in clothing to increase. I love Monroe and Main. You all have wonderful skills and I have learned so much from your Secret Strategies column. Keep up the great work and God bless all of you.

Thanks so much for this comment Karen! We love hearing from our loyal customers and fans! We are actually hoping to increase our size range in Spring 2016. It will be here before we know it! Take care and hope you are having a wonderful summer!

Perhaps try both modeling the dress? Plus size and regular?

PlEase don’t for get about the tall plus size. Suits, pants. Dresses. We really need more options.

Ttied to order catelog.wouldn’t accept zip code or telephone number.

Sorry about that Sheila. You can email us at and we will get you on the list for our catalog. 🙂

Perhaps you could considering pulling together an exclusive catalog for Full Size only. I know cost is a factor, but maybe test the concept during for a holiday edition. I love your items and am a satisfied FS customer. I have every pair of your tall dress slacks. Love them! I have had to return a few pieces (dress, skirts..) due to length, but I addressed that in a previous post. I have no real issue with shipping cost, I view it as the cost associated with findind what I need/want.

Thanks for the comment Cheryl. We always appreciate hearing from customers and will consider your suggestions. Hope you are having a great day!

I do not believe people don’t purchase as much when use plus sized models. Other plus size companies ( ashley stewart, zullily, igigi to name a few) use plus size models all the time and they don’t seem to have any trouble getting people to buy. Maybe it’s your product. I purchased a dress recently and when I received it, it looked nothing like the picture. It was horrible and I returned it. It was my first time purchasing from your company and I’m not sure I would buy anything else

Hi Vera, Thanks for your comment. We appreciate the feedback. We would like to hear more about the dress that you recently purchased. Hopefully you left a review on our website because we are always interested in knowing and correcting any issues and we diligently monitor those reviews for quality issues. If you would be willing to contact us to give us more details, please email us at We would love it if you would give us another chance. Again, thank you for the comment.

I’m very happy to see that your company see the FULL FIGURE WOMEN We want to look and feel sexy too! The world is made with all shapes and sizes of women! Thank you for seeing ME too! Ms Vee inthehse

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