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Tips for storing your winter clothes

After a long winter (for some of us), spring is finally almost upon us! If you have two different wardrobes for the cold months and the warm months, it’s about time for you to start storing your winter clothing. However, there is a right and a wrong way to store your clothes: Storing them incorrectly could lead to damaged or pest-ridden clothes, both of which you definitely want to avoid. Here are some tips for storing your winter clothes this spring:

Clean them first
The first step is to make sure everything is completely clean. Leaving stains, oils or dirt on your clothes for months may leave them discolored, worn or damaged when it comes time to bring them back out again next winter. Plus, pests are more likely to be attracted to clothes with food stains.

The great part about storing your seasonal clothes twice a year is that it gives you two easy opportunities to downsize your wardrobe and rid your closet of the pieces you no longer wear. As you go through your winter clothes, keep a box handy for anything you haven’t worn all season. You’ll save valuable storage space and give yourself the opportunity to buy new on-trend items next winter. While you’re unpacking your spring clothes, keep an eye out for any basics or statement pieces you may be missing after downsizing last year. Your spring wardrobe may benefit from just a couple versatile pieces like a boldly patterned blazer or new pair of skinny jeans.

Your spring wardrobe may benefit from just a couple versatile pieces like a boldly patterned blazer or new pair of skinny jeans.

Next up: Alterations
If you have a shirt with a slight rip at the cuff or a jacket that’s missing a button, tackle those small alterations right now. When it comes time to take your winter clothes back out, you’ll be glad you don’t have to prioritize those projects before being able to wear the clothes.

Avoid hanging knits
Some things, like coats, jackets and dresses, are OK to hang for months at a time – just make sure you aren’t using wire hangers that could form indentations in the shoulders of each item. However, you should never hang knits, and especially not to store them in the long term. The best way to store your sweaters is to fold them up and stack them with heavier knits (like those made out of wool) on the bottom.

Consider vacuum sealing
Everyone’s seen those infomercials for vacuum-sealed bags that condense your clothes into a much more reasonable storage size. Though the commercials themselves may be a little silly, vacuum sealing your clothes is a great storage option. Not only will it consolidate your clothes and help you fit them into a smaller space, but the airtight bags will also protect them from potential water damage and pests, like beetles and moths.

Opt for climate control
Avoid storing clothes in direct sunlight or humid environments that will damage their color and texture. Instead, look for a storage spot that’s cool, dry and mostly dark. Try under the bed or in a closet to keep your clothes perfectly preserved.

Here are some tips for storing your winter clothes.
Here are some tips for storing your winter clothes.

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All good ideas and suggestions. Thanks for taking the time to make these.

Very clever way to store our winter clothes. No matter where I am gonna place my clothes I always wash them before that. Everyone who wants to keep his clothes clean and with no stains should do it!

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