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4 styles of boots you can wear year-round

Just because the weather is starting to warm up doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your favorite pair of fashion boots. After all, boots are made for walking, not winter. While this is a common misconception in the fashion world, it’s a rule that is made to be broken – we’ll allow it. If you’re new to this trend but are willing to give it a go, you’re probably trying to figure out how to transition this cold-weather staple into something you can wear all year round. With our expert fashion advice, we’ll help you (and your boots!) pull a double-duty for the seasonal shift.

A small chest doesn’t require as much support, so lucky ladies with this body type can get away with just about any top! Feel free to explore styles with minimal coverage, stand-out bows, intricate patterns and embellished detailing. To give off the illusion of a larger chest, wear a tiny triangle top or bandeau. You could also try a suit with a little bit of padding to offer an extra lift and create cleavage.

From pairing them with flowy sundresses to slipping them on with white cropped pants, little booties are quite versatile. Ladies, it’s time to pull your boots out of winter storage and kick off those sandals.

Here are four styles of boots you can wear year-round:

1. Suede booties

Contrary to popular belief, suede isn’t only for winter. So if you don’t have a pair of suede booties in your shoe collection, we strongly advise you purchase some. Suede goes with everything, and it can be easily dressed up or down. Wear them with a pair of colorful cutoff shorts and a tunic blouse. For a night out pair this footwear with one of your favorite hi-low skirts, a fitted camisole and a jean jacket. Just be sure the booties are waterproofed before stepping outside. You don’t want all the spring showers to ruin your new shoes!

Tan bootie with adjustable buckles and inside zip
Spye Astro Bootie by Clarks from Monroe and Main

2. Bohemian booties

Take it back to the summer of love and slip on a pair of distressed bohemian booties. Wear them with a causal sundress, throw on a fringe vest and a floppy hat, and you’ve got the perfect summer look. You can even wear your bohemian booties with a pair of gauze palazzo pants that fall right at your ankle. Booties adorned with fringe also exude a bohemian vibe and look great with asymmetrical skirts. Another way to rock a bohemian getup is to slip your favorite pair of skinny jeans with a flowy peasant top. Roll your jeans up a few times so they are cuffed at the bottom. This will draw more attention to your booties.

3. Leather booties

Leather booties may not be as breezy as sandals, but with the right pair of moisture-wicking socks, you’ll feel cool as you dance beneath the hot sun. Toughen up a flirty sundress with a pair of leather booties and vintage jean jacket. There are endless possibilities between boots with dresses but here’s a good rule of thumb: The higher the boots, the shorter the dress can be, and vice versa. Now, we aren’t saying you have to stick to this rule because a maxi dress looks just as chic with a pair of boots. We have faith that you can make any dress/boot combination work.

4. Cowboy boots

Ah, the classic American look. Cowboy boots are a staple every woman should have in her closet. After all, who said you have to live in the South to be a cowgirl? No matter the boot height, they will look great with a pair of jean shorts and a basic tee or a patterned sundress. Cowboy boots are quite casual, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your outfit.

Cowgirl boots with colorful scrolled leather cutouts
Laredo Miss Kate Cowgirl Boot from Monroe and Main

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I love so many of the clothing styles you offer. I am a very small woman and have ordered 3 different dresses and also a dress shirt, all of which were to big. It would be great if you carried size XS:)

My question is about the “Belted Wedge Boot” WA790361. Is it possible to order this in black?

I SS u will be mailing an order I placed on 9-1. Can u refresh my mind as to what that order contains. It’s either been so long I don’t recall order or I didn’t order

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