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Easy To Walk in High Heels: 5 Tips to Find Your Favorite Heels

Black suede pumps with ankle strap

While some occasions seem to call for high heels, many women find them hard to walk in. Teetering around on 4-inch stilettos isn’t exactly a choice made for ease and comfort! There are important tips & types to know when shopping for high heels that are easy to walk in.

Wearing high heels can be easier than you may have experienced in the past, and finding the right pair of shoes will provide support and comfort no matter how long you’re wearing them. Especially when it comes to comfort, all high heels are not created equal. If you aren’t sure where to start, take a look at these five ways to find high heels that make walking easy and pain-free:

1. Find the right fit

Fit is really important for high heels. Heels that are too small will cause the toes to cramp and blister, which is extremely painful. On the other hand, shoes that are too big can easily slip off your heels, forcing you to concentrate on keeping them on while taking each and every step. The ideal fit for high heels will easily keep the shoes on your feet without crushing your toes. The higher the heel, the more likely your foot will slide forward, so consider buying ball-of-the-foot pads for your highest shoes. These will keep your feet in place all night.

Learn more about what is the right heel height measurement for you!

2. Go for boots and booties

The more support around the top of your foot and ankle, the more stable you’ll feel in high heels. That’s why many fashion experts recommend starting with boots and booties for your first forays into wearing heels. High-heeled boots or ankle boots are great for winter events. Buy them in leather which will shape itself to your feet and ankles for a more comfortable experience. They also often have soles with a better grip, particularly on slippery surfaces.

Brown suede fringe bootie

3. Strap them in

High heels with supportive straps, like Mary Janes and, will keep your feet in place, making it much easier to walk around. Consider the difference between a basic pump that only provides support around your heels and toes and a Mary Jane that has an extra strap over the foot: Pumps require more effort and a perfect fit to keep them in place, whereas a Mary Jane will be secure no matter what.

Black Mary Janes

4. Start short

Shorter heels are much easier to walk in than those that put your feet at a more severe angle. The higher the heel, the more you’ll have to change your natural gait to accommodate the shoe. Kitten heels that are 1 to 1 1/2 inches in height are the easiest heels to wear because they’re the most similar to wearing flats.

Gray tweed 1 inch heels

5. Heel style matters

It’s not just the heel’s height that matters – it’s the thickness as well. Stiletto-style skinny heels provide much less support, whereas stacked thick heels have a much more natural surface area to walk on. Consider the surface area of your bare foot: When barefoot, you walk on your full heel, followed by the ball and toes. Heels that follow similar proportions make walking seem a little more natural. Wedges are the easiest heel to walk in since they have the most surface area.

Black suede pumps with ankle strap

Remember that every woman is different, and tall pumps aren’t the last word in style. If you feel more comfortable wearing only heeled booties or even not wearing heels at all, it’s completely your prerogative.  Decorative flats can make just as much of a statement as high heels!

High Heel Break-in

Don’t forget to break in your new high heels before the big event. Nothing can take the glamour and celebration faster than sore feet. Wear your new shoes around the house a few times, ideally with an extra pair of socks on. The wet sock treatment works well, but ensure the heels are made out of material that won’t be damaged by moisture.

Also, taking time to learn how to walk in your new pair of heels may save you from an embarrassing or dangerous mishap. Practice walking on the balls of your feet and learn what surfaces the sole has a good grip on. Make sure you are confident and comfortable before venturing out in your new heels!

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Published on May 15 2021

Last Updated on Oct 27 2021

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