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Comfort, style and flexibility: Triple-duty alternatives to heels

thong summer sandals in black or white

Summer is a season of being on-the-go, whether you’re taking midday strolls, sunbathing on the beach or enjoying dinner with friends on a rooftop patio. You may want to familiarize yourself with some alternatives to heels.

It’s a time year when career women head directly from the office to the outdoor festival. Nothing hampers summer fun more than aching feet. So, no matter your daily destinations, you’ll want to sport some versatile footwear to last you through the warm evenings.

thong summer sandals

While evening activities might get a little more fancy than daytime play, pointy-toed shoes are not a requirement. According to Pop Sugar, shoe designers this season are prioritizing comfort. This is good news for ladies who don’t love heels. For practical fashion, consider the following footwear options:

Slide into simplicity

Say hello to one of the most comfortable shoe styles in existence. Compatible with casual outfits and dresses alike, the slide offers the ultimate in wearability, said Elle magazine. This shoe has even been spotted on runways more than once or twice.

slide, summer sandals

Cork sandals and rubber pool slides have come a long way, so there’s no need to fear limited options. Of course, the traditional sport varieties are great for a day at the park or near the water, but fashion’s imagination doesn’t stop there. This season’s range of aesthetic choices might come as a pleasant surprise. Bold colors, artful textures and intricate patterns abound in soft textiles and breathable leathers. These designs offer near-endless possibilities for coordinating with different outfits.

cork wedge summer sandals

If any of your seasonal itinerary calls for a bit of formality, slides with simple adornments can take the place of closed-toed heels. Fashion experts loved the slide style last summer, and it looks like they’ll be keeping this shoe among their favorites, said the Huffington Post. Proving to be world’s easiest shoe to wear, slides offer cushioning and arch support without sacrificing feminine details such as sparkly embellishments and demure cutouts. Polished fashionistas never need to compromise style when seeking comfort.

Skim into style

If you prefer a shoe with a back, reach for the slide’s cousin: the lightweight skimmer. The modern version of this style no longer falls flat. Cushion your heels and rest your arches in a pair of these slip-ons. Choose a pair with breathable footbeds and you won’t have to choose between socks and summer comfort.

Even the most elegant styles offer a rounded toe-box, so you can enjoy being outside for hours. Interesting designs and innovative construction create a classy look, with or without rubber soles.

Office-appropriate styles are plentiful. Skimmers complete a professional look, whether paired with a fit-and-flare dress or a pair of ankle-length slacks.

Comfortable Flat for Summer

Sneak on by

The term “dress sneakers” sounds like a contradiction, but the most traditionally casual footwear options now come in fancier models. If your plans fall somewhere between hiking in the woods and meeting up at the patisserie, keep an embellished sneaker in your cache of footwear possibilities. Your feet will thank you.

Rose Tennis Shoe, Dress Sneakers,

One more note of advice: Before several rounds of all-day shoe-wear, wear a new pair around the house for a couple hours to ensure proper fit.

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Comfort is my number one priority now that I am 55 years young. I do, however, miss my high heels! At 4 feet 11 1/2 inches tall, my high heeled “everything” were like an extension of my leg because without them I could not reach anything. I put on pounds so my balance was not good with the high heels made my feet hurt. I do not find many shoes that have good cushion in the foot bed and rubber on the soles – even flats can be uncomfortable. I hope this changes when I lose weight. Shoes have always been an important part of my wardrobe and I love your styles shown in the catalog. Another problem that I see is with the sizes available – no sizes under 7. My sandal size is usually 6 1/2 and boots size 7. I hope the industry gets together to manufacture shoes using the same measurements – sizes are all over the place. I have even received shoes with no sizing stamps inside the shoe so can’t confirm what size is actually in the box. This would make shopping online easier and reduce returns. It sure is a bummer when you have to return something because you ordered the wrong size. Love your website and thanks for your help.

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Published on Jun 20 2015

Last Updated on Oct 04 2018

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