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T-strap heels in black or brown

How to make heels more comfortable

Heels add height and elegance, instantly turning any outfit into a chic ensemble. However, some women are deterred from wearing the fashion-forward footwear in fear of pain and discomfort. Sure, walking around in heels all day isn’t exactly like shuffling about in your house slippers, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch them completely. Think of all the benefits: they elongate your legs, make you look tall and slim, add a statement piece to an outfit and deliver an awesome confidence boost. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can enhance the comfort level of heels. Follow this guide so stilettos don’t seem so scary:

Use moleskin

Ever wonder how some ladies manage to don the perfect pair of pumps all day without a problem? No, their feet aren’t naturally made for heels – they use moleskin. Moleskin is a thin, cotton flannel adhesive that can be applied to blister-prone areas of your foot. Typically available at drug stores, they are sold in full sheets that you can cut to fit the areas that need a little more protection. It’s preferred to a typical bandage because moleskin is thinner, conforms to the shape of your foot and has more reliable adhesive.

Adjust the height

Heel heights range anywhere from a barely there flats to skyscraper stilettos. While women with a shorter stature usually want to get as much of a boost as they can get, it’s not always practical to walk around in 6-inch heels. Find the height that works best with your feet and daily routine. For example, if you’re sitting at a desk from 9 to 5, you may be able to wear higher heels without a problem. However, if you’re on your feet all day, shorter 3-inch heels may be a better option.

black & white slingback heels

Look for platforms

If you can’t resist those sky-high heels but comfort is an essential element of your footwear needs, this tip is for you. Many high-heeled pumps feature a toe platform. Not only will this allow for extra stability, but it will decrease the amount of arch your foot needs to make the shoe fit. You still get the appearance of added height without the discomfort of standing on your tippy toes.

Get a grip

According to Cosmopolitan, heels that your foot can easily slip out of will be difficult to walk in. A strap that runs across the front and back of your ankle will grip the heel to your foot much better than an open-back shoe or slip-on pump. When it comes to keeping your feet inside your shoes, the more coverage, the better.

T-strap heels

Break them in

A fresh pair of heels looks fabulous right out of the box, but they may not be ready to be put on your feet just yet. You may want to wear them around the house for a bit before taking them out for a night on the town. This way, you can stretch them out before going someplace where removing them isn’t an option.

If you want to break the heels in without wearing them, consider buying a shoe-stretcher. Using this device will allow you to safely adjust the footwear’s width at home, and it’s a faster process than walking around the house in heels all afternoon.

The right heel heel height for you

Beyond all the tips & hacks to make heels more comfortable, it is important to realize that not all heel heights are right for your body. To learn more, check out our tips on selecting the ideal heel height for you!

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