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How to master strappy sandals

Two women wearing different outfits and gladiator sandals

There’s not much that can dress up an outfit better than a pair of strappy sandals. These shoes look amazing with several different kinds of getups. However, you must make sure to wear them with the right ensemble. Luckily, we have all the details on how to rock this footwear – the right way. Here’s your guide to mastering the strappy sandal.

You can’t go wrong with jeans

When it comes to dressy shoes, most women know an elegant dress pairs well. But what do you do to dress down a pair of strappy sandals? Well, this is where jeans come to the rescue. There’s not much that a good piece of denim doesn’t look amazing with, and the same goes for these shoes. If you’re looking to embody that casual-but-cute look, throw on a pair of jeans with this footwear. The relaxed look of the denim will contrast with the glamour of your feet for a totally cohesive look.

Cora Heel
Cora Heel

Cuff your pants

Most strappy sandals are a bit higher than normal heel sizes. In addition, a lot of shoes reach the top of the ankle. The last thing you want is your pant leg to cover these adorable shoes. So what do you do? Roll the bottom of your pants, of course! This will elongate your legs while showcasing your fashionable shoes – a win-win situation.

Studded Triple Buckle Gladiator
Studded Triple Buckle Gladiator

Mix solids with prints

There are plenty of pattern options for shoes. There’s floral, Aztec, stripes and polka dots – just to name a few. Luckily, strappy sandals can come in just about every pattern. However, they also can come in all colors of the rainbow. This means that you have options. Find a color or pattern that best represents your personality so you can always feel like yourself in these shoes.

Most women have a hard time styling patterned shoes. It’s true that if you choose the wrong outfit to pair them with, it can look at little overwhelming or, worse, matchy-matchy. This is where you should remember the “mix solids with prints” rule. If your shoes have a design, opt for solid-colored clothing. It’s sometimes even best to rock a monochromatic outfit so your feet pop. On the other hand, if you’re wearing prints on your extended plus size clothing like shirts, pants or a dress, solid-colored footwear is in your best interest so you don’t overdo it.

Comments (3)

Dara Longobardi

It’s nice to see some style in plus size….Big girls wanna look cool too….we want to look great casual and dressed up, we wanna be stylin!!!!!

Monroe and Main

That’s right Dara! Thanks for the comment!

shirley gipson

Love the Studded Triple Buckle Gladiator

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Published on Jan 14 2016

Last Updated on Nov 02 2021

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