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Shoe Fashion

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Discover comfortable, on-trend footwear and a wide range of new shoes, from heels, boots, booties, shooties, flats, and sneakers. There is something for everyone and we know you’re going to love all the colorful, stylish options! From functional to casual, we will tell not only how to wear it, but how to rock it!

Clarks You don't have to compromise comfort for style. Clarks have continued commitment to footwear technology which enables them to create designs that not only look good, but feel good too. Brandtastic Shoe Style!

30 name brands available at Monroe and Main! Our shoe catalog is overflowing with fabulous styles + ultimate performance.

Step into Color

Dressy, fun, sporty, and elegant shoes from the leading footwear designers. Plus, ultimate performance! The latest technologies in layered cushioning, flexibility, shock absorption, and durability. Footwear…

The fall season is a great time to discover trendy footwear and foot fashion. Feet fashion for fall

While chilly weather tends to add emphasis on finding fashionable ways to find warmer tops and bottoms, the fall season is also a great time to discover trendy footwear that keeps your toes nice and toasty.

Shoe Storage 101

We’ve got some helpful ideas for ways to store your entire footwear collection.