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Pairing stretch jeans with the right shoe

Woman in gray floral skinny jeans, metallic pumps and burgundy tunic

When it comes to pairing stretch jeans with the right shoe style, you have to keep the hemline in mind. If you pair a wide shoe, such as clogs, with bell-bottom jeans, for example, you may risk overwhelming the look and drawing attention to your lower half. Of course, if you cram thick jean material into a knee-high boot that fits close to your calf, you may create a bulky, uneven shape on your lower half. Use this guide for pairing shoes with jeans this fall:

Flared jeans

Bell-bottom pants aren’t just for the disco anymore. They are right on-trend in today’s fashion world, but you have to pair them with the appropriate footwear to create a coordinating ensemble. It’s important to strike a balance with the width of the shoe. So, avoid wide clogs or narrow pointed-toe footwear to create equilibrium in your look.

Depending on where the flare starts on the jean, you may be able to wear calf-high boots, which are right in tune with the fall season. With this hem, it’s important that the jean falls evenly over the boot, so only wear taller footwear if the flare starts between just below the knee and mid-way up the shin. Otherwise, you can pair these pants with high-heeled pumps for a weekend look or a comfortable ankle boot for casual Friday at work.

Red & Black polka dotted pumps with a peep toe

Boot-cut jeans

Despite their specific name, boot-cut jeans pair well with a wide variety of shoes. These wardrobe essentials fit close to the body and flare out slightly at the bottom. Wear these jeans with a chic pair of flats for all-day comfort, or work this style with a pair of fall ankle boots.

woman wearing bootcut jeans with booties

Skinny jeans

The narrow hemline of skinny jeans gives women a lot of freedom when it comes to footwear. In fact, these are great bottoms for when you’re trying to show off a cute new pair of shoes, as the close fit of the hemline will highlight your footwear.

For a weekend look, wear skinny jeans with a colorful pair of pumps. The stand-out shoe will look great for a night out on the town. On the other hand, if you’re aiming to achieve a more subtle look, you can easily wear a fun pair of flats or knee-high boots with these pants, too. The legline molds to the shape of your body, allowing these pants to easily slip into taller boots. This way, the bottom of the jeans won’t drag on the ground, even while wearing a shoe without a heel.

woman wearing skinny jeans and tall boots

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Published on Sep 01 2015

Last Updated on Sep 02 2015

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